Taemin SHINee has been submitted by its supporters NCT's Jisung + Jeno, Kim Dong Han, and SF9's Chani On "Idol Room"


The forthcoming event of "Idol Room," Taemin SHINee will be an amazing journey from some of his famous fans!

NCT members Jisung and Jeno, SF9 & Chani, and Kim Dong Han are all featured on the February 12 program of the different session, Taemin appears as a special guest of the week. The four idols have been named as a member of SHINee as one of their symbols, with Kim Dong Han and Chani even commenting in the latter that they turned to the exhibitions Taemin's taemin wants to go to; prepare when preparing for their own purposes.

Filming for a & # 39; program, Kim Dong Han said, "It is grateful for Taemin that I can go on," length & # 39; Chani was sharing, "I came as I wanted to meet [Taemin]. "Jeno said,"[Taemin] show even more when it is on the platform. "

On 9 February, "Idol Room" released a number of stills from the upcoming program, saying that the other idols had been "Taemin-focused, with a violent eye on their eyes . "

The Taemin program of "Seòmar Idol" will be taken on 12 February at 6:30 p.m. KST, continues with his second small "WANT" record the previous day. Check the most recent heaters here!

Are you happy to see Jisung, Jeno, Chani, and Kim Dong Han a & # 39; join the idol on the show?

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