Tain's election campaign is very rich in fog and controversies in salt, high and yellow camps – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station


Tain's election campaign is very rich in fog and controversies in salt, high and yellow camps – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-20 16:52
  • News statement: Interview
  • Writer: Liu Yuqiu

At an important moment when the Tain ward election campaign was down, Taitung Mòr's candidates presented Positive Democrat Party found that the arguments between the two sides were more and more controversial. (Rti joint map)

At the very important time of a maritime election campaign, candidate Huang Weizhe, the candidate of the Lady of Tain, today (20th) was a ban on his / her; "Point Light Light South" project at the KMT candidate, the opponent who was independently invested by the people, such as a "dust meter". "Painting", which gets bigger government subsidies, but a & # 39; pay for their own relatives; Gao Sibo champions against "Huge Weizhe" Huge Weizhe, and invited Huang Weizhe to openly open debate on "big case" and "spotlight project". In cases of dispute, smell smells stronger and stronger.

With just 4 days left to vote, Tain's smoking preference is stronger and stronger.

Guo Minwen, the general advocate of the Democratic Party of the Party of Tain, Huang Weizhe's general spokeswoman, indicated that Gao Sibo's solar project had been a stain. (picture by Liu Yuqiu)

Democratic Liberal Party Tainan Advocate Advocate Huang Weizhe, Senior Speaker Huo Weizhe, Guo Guowen launched a newspaper conference by the Democratic legislation. Party With Junxian on the 20th, to prosecute an applicant; Tainan National National Party, who was a Gao Sibo candidate in the name of the 21st Century at Kuomintang administration. The Tourism Bureau has received a subsidy of $ 37 million to implement the "Light Light Point" project. But not only does the name "International Light Center" sell products that do nothing to do with Tainan, but even historic history. The high light, valuation, and waste of public funds, "Light Light District Southern" have been "on its color." Guo Guowen said: "Why (original sound) why will the money be organized by relatives and friends? This type of cost of Gao Sibo, which deals with the money made by the state , so rubbish that the people of Tain should trust him to enter the town and guide people in Tain. 」

Gao Sibo, the candidate for the Tainan, National Party Party, stopped the murder of Huang Weizhe's camp with a picture of the light start-up conference. (Picture: Gao Sibo is offering)

In relation to the allegations of Huang Weizhe's camp, Gao Sibo's camp stated that the 21st Century Foundation had over 69.91 million yuan in three years to promote the "Light Light Light" project, for a subsidy of 37.72 million yuan, and the subsidiary assessment of 49.05%. After the project has been completed, the government continues to host; invest in subsidies for local activities. The plan is well implemented. The private sector is nostalgic and wants Huang Weizhe to become poor.

Gao Sibo held a news conference on the 20th, and re-sent Huang Weizhe, "a big case", examining the evidence of Dacheng's evidence, Huang Weizhe, could be stressed, submit a paper for the introduction of a nuclear disaster food, Gao Sibo and his / her; Go to Huang Weizhe Public debate on Huang Weizhe. Gao Sibo: "(Basic sound) We will be open to you. You will make a clear case, I can accept your challenge, and I will accept the challenge you have on the pretty light spot. This is true, everyone is very clear, at the end, there is a ghost in the heart.

As well as Huang Weizhe and Gao Sibo's camps, the non-party candidate, Su Huanzhi, took part in the effort to ask President Cai English and defender Lai Qingde to defend the important witnesses in the "big case "Ye Qizhong and Zeng Bizhu. "Case-making" is related to the law and control of the country as a whole, and will ensure that it continues.

As the polling day was coming, the candidates would strengthen the battle in the land, and continued to bombing disputes. The election campaign came to be hotter.

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