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Shao Luo Zhiqiang head and traveled to Shu Hui
Luo Zhiqiang (left) hopes to work with You Shuhui to "strengthen hands" and move to Taipei Town Council. (Picture: Live Facebook translation Luo Zhiqiang live)

Luo Zhiqiang loved his head too! Luo Zhiqiang, a candidate for Da & Wenshan's National Party of Scotland, Kuomintang City, Taipei, today (21st), has released his head on Facebook, but he does not taken by the strong man of the chief of Yu in South Korea, but for his loyalty, to support the area of ​​his country; Hunan port in the same party. Former candidate of the Town Council Yu Shuhui.

"Today's first tall head that Taipei" clarifies. Luo Zhiqiang is the first female hero of the same party. Neihu and Nangang District No. 7 You Shuhui, a & # 39; going on today's Facebook today, and b & # 39; He used to be Senior Admiralty of Taipei Hao Longbin as a hairdresser. Helmet, holes, paste sweep. Netizens watched live coverage very lively, and wrote them all "Inclusiveness and Love!", "This is a clear election campaign" and "Luo Zhiqiang is very friendly."

Seeing the good companions of such unprotected actions to support themselves, they did not; Can you help Shuhui but say that he hoped that everyone believed in Yu Korean, believed in Luo Zhiqiang, believed in Shuhui, "and even says that Luo Zhiqiang can travel to Shuhui today. Reservations, tomorrow full of political power will require conservation, I am very funny about the candidates in the Daanwen Mountain District.

Luo Zhiqiang said he and Shu Hui were "strong and strong". In the meantime, the two men were together to allow politicians such as Wu Maokun to step down, and hope they can continue to collaborate in the future.

Hao Longbin said he was not a local election in this election. He hopes that Kuomintang's young and special war will be enter the parliament and increase its "power" power.

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Art source:Luo Zhiqiang Facebook

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