Taipei Sharing Sabine Lisicki at the "Smile Lady" Haishuo Cup Turn on "Singles Singles 2014" Vitalia Diatchenko Tennis


2018 Taipei Haishuo Tennis Open into the seventh day of the event, Saturday (17Japan) trying to compete for the final ticket, Liski "The Duchess of Smile" (SAbine LisiCki)"Haishuo Cup Singles Championship 2014" back in the three seats of Tiachenko (Vitalia Diatchenko), a trip to ThailandUksika KUkmhum)Straight down the attack of the Dutch women Schutz (Distribution).

The biggest event today is "Ro-Wenwang Runner-up" Liski (SAbine LisiCki)Meet "Champion Champion Singles Singles Cup" Tiachenko (Vitalia Diatchenko), won the two heavy weapons "attacking tennis game", which made the audience a " tidy up. start upLisickiDue to the comfort of the right flask, the movement of the field was restricted, and its first ratio was given 1-6 difference. AnnLisickiFind a cure for injury (Light CloudAfter that, the second set started up, finally 1-6 6-3 7-5After a great turn, I'll put the final final of the WTA singles again in four years! After their L gameIscaniNot only does it lie on the field to identify its effects, but even to leaving tears of joy, he said with joy, "I try to prove the best use, tomorrow, the final game of this year, I hope to draw a good finish!"

Sabine Lisicki's resumption in three sets for winning (Integrated Marketing / Haishuo Integrated)

There is another single round from one Kang Kang in Thailand (LUksika KUkmhum)The Dutch woman's Shuz against the Netherlands (Distribution), the first KUmkhumLet the enemy in the right shoulder feel uncomfortableSchoofsOnce with 3-1Management, but KUmkhumEnsure the power of the individual, and finally hit 7-5 6-3SchoofsPost-K as you often visit the Haishuo CupUmkhumAfter her game, I was very pleased to say "Although I've been running for several weeks, I'm feeling very tired, but I'm really happy to be the finals for the first time this year! "

Thailand & Luzika Kumkhum first started in the Haishuo Cup final (Marketing Market Figure / Haishuo)

And KUmkhumCombined with Han Xinyun, a Chinese player, in the double team, & # 39; Watch "Champion Champion Doubles Cup" 2016 Natela Dzalamidze and Du Luo Xinna (OLosh Doroshina) Russian riches are not allowed to move to the second just. As the previous year's award, Dzalamidze said after his game, "I'm really happy to return to the final finals again. I am very grateful to the competition. I look forward to laughing at a tomorrow's crystal racket! "

Reunachadh Indian Reina (ANkita Raina) by Tan Di (Karman Thandi) Battle against the United States (MIsaki Doi) by Covenic (Danka Kovinic), for two days after each other to pull the end of the plot, the third set of a super is a. get 10 to get 10-8, and there are two troubles after a & # 39; hide game that this is a # 39; the first time in the double event to work to the finals I have a very memorable memory and I am very grateful to the enthusiastic support of fans! "

The final conclusions at the weekend (18th) at 2:00 pm on the evening, began to start; The first round of the "Russian-Russian War" in the final doubles, the Queen's Queen mix (ANkita Raina) by Tan Di (Karman Thandi) vs. "Haishuo Cup 2016 Russia at Russia" Natela Dzalamidze and Du Luo Xinna (OLosh Doroshina). Last final singles were made by Liski "Satin Smile" (SAbine Lisicki) Strongly "Thailand" Kangkan (LUksika KUmkhum). Who can really earn a & # 39; crystal moon?

The Russian mix Natela Dzalamidze and Olga Doroshina are ahead of their final(Haishuo integrated marketing / figure)

To encourage people to meet and respond to; Looking at the game, the competition is also provided by partners.Gifts and great delivery, TheHeld every day during the eventthere

"Insert log entry"PeopleJust go into the marketTake part in a lucky carousel draw, opportunityfigure outLtdMask!The last day18thOn the same day, the competition invited partners Seattle Coffee and CITIZEN Star Watch, people will have the opportunity to experience coffee tasting work on the site, and just get a card in the place, you can get a little gift. In addition, the game will cooperate with EVA Air and Seattle Coffee. How long & # 39; You can collect photos at the designated place and upload the card, you will be suited to your lucky and you will be able to receive a number of gifts worth 20,000 yuan.

Decisions Sunday Sundays (Figure / Complex Marketing Haishuo)

In addition, as long as you are going to; participating in the official LINE census of the Republic of China Tennis Association and to be friends, you can offer discounts and troubleshooting, a 20% discount on its & # 39; first heavy incident; You can free a restricted number of large bath tags. The third is to draw a number of drawings after the final day of the competition.

The Taipei Haishuo Cup will be finalized, and the idea will continue. public to broadcast the event broadcasting service. The Yahoo! playgroup Chimo Sports is broadcast live to provide a broad survey environment for the audience. The event will be filled with tickets for exchange; this month. Musicians capture the final day of the finals and submit the show, not only to support the players on the field, but also to the tennis festival get the best!

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