Taiwan monks are involved in drug scandals, "sex parties"


The leader of the Chinese Burding Youth Association in Taiwan was removed from the temple after being involved in sex and drug scans.

The monk Kai Hong (Picture: SCMP)

The monk Kai Hong (Picture: SCMP)

According to SCMP, a video recorder of Kai Hong, secretary of China's Chinese Burding Youth Club, was played in bed with a girl and a girlfriend; Smoking a variety of drugs with Mirror Media. online distribution in Taiwan.

Mirror Media did not reveal the location and time they were filming; video, but the sources said that Kai was a long-term drug attack and organizer of sex parties with other monks at the temple. Tongshan – where this monk works.

The Tongshan temple abbot in the Gongguan area, northwest coast of Taiwan, said he had been abolished 29 years of Kai Hong since November 13 for the destruction of church control.

Two months before sinking, Kai moved to Temple Miaoli Chongfo near Miaoli town with "dozens of fans". Taken as a "promotion star" in the Buddhist church in Taiwan, Kai is a champion of young fans and is regularly taught at summer camps.

Despite the release of the film, Kai said he did not do anything wrong and suggested that the video was part of a Tavan Temple limb campaign where Kai was involved in a debate about buildings. Local police are exploring this event.

Complaint images of the Kai Hong monk. (Picture: SCMP)

Complaint images of the Kai Hong monk. (Picture: SCMP)

It is said that the video was designed by old Kai's beloved and monk at Tongshan Temple. He sent up a 200GB video from another Kai friend-related computer, and moved to the Tongshan Temple abbot.

In some of the sections of the video, Kai can speak directly to her & # 39; camera and it seems that the monk was then caught. Other sections show that Kai is likely to have; spin itself.

Related to the screen, the monk Jing Yao, president of the Chinese Buddha's Association in Taiwan, confirmed that Kai had control over. However, it seems that Mr Yao is trying to deny himself by saying that Kai's relationship was not connected to him, as was Tongshan Temple and his. governing body.

Yao was also seeking legal advice after a local newspaper wanted him to spend his business on the activities of Kai's student. before.

This is not the first crack that is involved in this Chinese banqueting church this year. In August, Xuecheng, abbot of Longquan Temple in Beijing, was arrested to harass hawks, and, Introducing messages to these badies and poses them to have sex.

Master Xuecheng head a & # 39; China's Buddhist Societies and the everlasting youth to keep the job. He is also a political advisor to the Chinese government. Xuecheng has now retired and is in police custody.

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