Taiwan State Office of the State Council repeatedly stated that it opposed Taiwan's independence and said that the Taiwan-based concert was not against – Free Asian Radio Cantonese (RFA)

Taiwan State Office of the State Council said again that it was against Taiwan's independence and said that there was no Taiwan concert for unified attendance. Radio Free Asia Radio (RFA)

On the 27th, Taiwan's mainland Affairs Office responded to Taiwan's President of Lai Qingde's Executive and reported that "Taiwan is an independent country of land" and says that China is opposing "Taiwan independence". For the local TV stations in Mainland China, music programs were held at the University of Taiwan, which said they were a "culturally opposed face", and the Taiwan Business Office said that there was no foundation. Taiwanans sometimes suggest that China's ideas are in fact; Helps to maintain cross-channel relationships, but also allow more Taiwanese people to be able to; accepting the "Taiwan independence" idea. (Report by Wen Yuqing) In Beijing, on the 27th Taiwan Business Office, in response to "Taiwan independence" President Lai Qingde Government President Ma Xiaoguang said the mainland and Taiwan to be the only Chinese, and it is not a inter-relationship relationship that is in the intersection. Not one in the same. Taiwan State Affairs Office of the State Council says it is completely opposed to "Taiwan independence" and that Taiwan has never become a country. Ma Xiaoguang said: As an insecure part of the Chinese country, Taiwan has never been a country and has never been a country. The continent side opposes any way of words and "Taiwan independence" activities, and will never again divide the historic disturbance of the country. Certainly, the "Taiwan independence" division will be eliminate the effects. The Taiwan Business Council said that they rebelled against the fact that there was no unilateral landmark report capable of changing the sovereignty of the sovereignty of the Republic of China, affirming that 23 million Taiwan people are in future and overlapping relationship. The MAC reiterates that China's mainland should have a positive and innovative thinking, solving differences with Taiwan through its communication and communication; Behavioral interconnected relationships. Yangan Yang Xianhong's current spokesman told Taiwan that the administration and all aspects of Taiwan are not governed by the CCP, and this has been done. happened in the decades. However, in recent years, the CCP has criticized any statements made by Taiwanese mainland, and of course, they will be disturbed and even anti-Taiwanese people. Even if it is not an independent advocacy, it may be possible to accept the & # 39; idea of ​​"Taiwan independence" slowly because of Chinese words and actions. Yang Xianhong said …

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