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▲ Waste diagram of Taiwan stock. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)
▲ Waste diagram of Taiwan stock. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)

Due to the commercial light before the 9-to-1 selection was selected, the Taiwan stock was flat on the day (19th), and the electronic reserves were rested. The subject, as components of the device, or the bad stocks, was a stable stock market, and The final index rose with a weight of 31.6 points closing at 9286.69 points, or 0.32%, and got 9800 points and 5 days, with a change of 91.665 billion yuan.

According to the CNBC website, Trump attempts to bring targets into cars that are included. The components of components and component parts have arisen dramatically. Liqing has been in & # 39; turn to the current border. Electric, Likai – KY, and Da, Dongyang, etc. are all strong.

The Tesla supply chain also works as a whole, with a daily limit of its company, CommScope, Gabriel, and Taiwan has risen by more than 7%, and its consistency has risen with more than 5% .

In addition, Ping Wang Sanwang has only some Wang Daguang, which rises by 3.35% and 3,235 yuan. It will revive the 5-day and 10-day lines in one breath, and it is expected that the follow-up continues to challenge the monthly line. TSMC fell 1.77% for closing at 222 yuan, and continued to fall below the average short-term mobile rates. If there is still a foreign capital; Payment, the TSMC share price will be a breakdown of 217 yuan. H Hon fell at 1.21%, closed at 73.4 yuan, and fell under level 5.

Although Ping Sanwang fell more and less, but Apple was introduced to today's sub-group, Liangwei, Lili, Huatong, Kangkong – KY, Hongqi, TPK-KY, GIS-KY Bi enjoyable.

Today's financial stock has been held. Shanghai Gold and Shanghai Commercial Bank grew up by more than 1%. Antai Silver, Fubon Gold, Guotai Gold, Yuandajin, etc. were closed. Only gold, Yushan Gold and Rishengjin were developed on the album. 3 files fell against their move.

In total, the current index level is located close to the monthly line, and Taiwan's stocks are declining and damaged; confirmation. As the quarterly quarterly report reports, it can be seen that the assets are transferred to subject stock or deep stock of the specific businesses. "Taiwan's special stock is expected to be maintained around 9800 points. Thomas is expected to keep heavier than the marketer market. It's likely that the market complaints will appear. at the end of the year were released.

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