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Daily Chen Meijun Economic Reporter, Qiu Jinlan / Taipei report

Chief Executive of the Financial Regulatory Committee, Gu Lixiong, yesterday (19) said that "sure everyone's emotion" will be a "#; going on to include inclusive finance, small ATMs, internet fees and mobile shift.

Bankers said that their mobile fee is & # 39; including operating costs of the bank, in particular ATM maintenance costs, increasing the impact on larger banks. In a number of debates, large banks have more ideas about reducing costs, but on a smaller scale. Banking, there is little idea. At present there are over 3,000 ATM devices, including CITIC, Cathay Pacific, Taishin, and China Post.

The small movement tax will be completely reduced

The financial debtor company and the final debating financial institutions will be sent to it; A small ATM network, a network and a reduction in mobile tax shift this week. After hoping to reach a consensus, they will report to the next week's financial management committee.

Among the options currently discussed, the "small amount" includes 1,000 yuan and 500 yuan, and there may be different methods of assessment. For example, a & # 39; The fee is reduced by less than 1,000 yuan, its price may be reduced by 500 yuan or even free, and the action move can be made. There is more discount in the ATM, and the specific customs will be decided by this week.

Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank, attended an annual exhibition. yesterday's financial firm. He stated that "Single Pay and Inclusive Finance Infrastructure" has shown that internet and mobile payments have arisen, and many people have moved to move between internet or mobile phones. as a result of its & # 39; business. Passed through the entity's ATM, its cost is very low, especially the small rate of transit tax, the bank accounting method should be reduced.

Yang Jinlong said people are spending 100 yuan on shops and their homes; transfer money through the ATM or ATM mobile phone. Each pen must pay 15 yuan. Is this reasonable? By describing her & # 39; New market fast payment established in international market, lower costs will be costed. So, the middle bank will Investigate to reduce the small bank tariff fee.

Yang Jinlong said that banks and current financial companies are learning appropriate levels. In addition, the middle bank will also impose on the # 39; financial company to provide information exchange services, and the bank's service level collection, and Collaboration with the feasibility of the proposed reduction.

Gu Lixiong said that the ATM modification fee is considered. It can be suggested at the end of November or December, and everyone must feel it; the reduction in the & # 39; A small transfer fee includes the cost of a bank and the needs of small people.

At this time, by moving "QR QR Taiwan Pay", it will go & # 39; tax out. This step will be extended until the end of next year. From the year after the original inspection, the system will be charged a small charge, and now includes an ATM, an internet and a mobile shift. As long as the transfer of the financial company is included, it is included in the review.

There are 15 taxes in which; interbank housing interim tax, and five repositories between 5 yuan banks. According to Caijin Company's information, the main ATM's flagship tariff of the country's ATM bank, Australia is the Australian vacation, it is the bank that connects to the " Free Alliance, the lowest level is only 9 yuan; the most expensive in the UK, thousands of dollars, Singapore, South Korea, also an inch.

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