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Swine-pig pigs spoke to bring up the product

On August 22, 2018, the Husbandry Animal Workers and Jindong Triangle Bureau, Jinhua, Zhejiang Department, made the farm total. Figure / View of China

At least 18 provinces have been outbreak, have impacted on more than 10 registered companies, and the price of live whales has been picked up.

On November 9, her food was made by her & her; Chinese company Sun Yat-Sen, who is a subsidiary of the Tang Regiment, has been suspected of African pig fever virus, although the test results after 3 days have been able to take infection, but muffins The scales of a & # 39; overcoming the breeding campaigns.

According to Beijing News reporter statistics statistics, since the first African pig fever disease was established in Shenyang, Liaoning Division on 3 August this year, at least 18 areas across the country have found to do a breakdown, a & # 39; including pig farms across a large scale of 7,000 sizes. The economic losses caused by the treatment of sick pigs were more than 800 million yuan. As a result of the disease, pigs and live prices showed a "difference" movement when the disease range collapsed and the sale of the main sales sector. Many retail and major farm investors have chosen to make money out early.

According to the analysis, the business situation of pig business from pig to meat grows more common, and the business will be successful enough. There is a deficiency process in pig breeding and a dying industry; accelerated too, and large enterprises can use development opportunities.

At least 10 registered companies have an impact

"Nervous, if it is turned, it must be excavated, and there will be little loss." Zhou Luyuan has a small farm (near 100 scales in Taojiang County, Yiyang, Hunan Province.) Since October 23, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs have sent Taojiang County and After the spiders from both farms in Taoyuan County proved to have been a African swine fever, put off the pig farm itself every day, and again, look at the live conditions of the pigs. His daily food was also more careful.

They are also stupid the big water-water companies. On an emergency day, Xinwufeng, a registered pig company in Hunan, showed the appropriate steps to deal with the disease. He said, from the date stated, that any disease was detected in the production units of his company, and they were usually made and done. However, if the surrounding areas or the diseases themselves occur often, the implementation of a disease prevention and control system will be in place; Company is weak, and there is a danger that falls fall, falling or even loss profits.

This type of concern is not complicated. Many of the companies are unfortunate in the "Chinese Companies" already engaged in a valuable price. Dabei Nong responded to reservations questions on October 16 that there were two companies in the Liaoning company, including Agriculture and Agriculture and Wildlife Dabei Co., Ltd., who had risen and diseases of almost 20,000 pigs. As early as 17 August, the disease situation occurred in the Shuanghui Savings Plain in Zhengzhou, and all 13 live pigs were lost in the factory and were treated very hard …

According to Zhu Zengyong statistics, researcher associated with the Chinese Agricultural Sciences Academy Agricultural Information Institute, since the advent of Afghan pig disease in August this year, China has processed more than 470,000 pigs. Numbered according to the production cost of each pig from 1,600 yuan to 1,800 yuan, the pneumococcal curation of more than 800 million yuan was the economic loss.

According to the Beijing News reporter's incomplete figures, not only this year this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs reported a 12 of African pig problems, which included 9 areas and cities, and 5 of these towns and towns first. To date, at least 18 areas in the country have taken infections, including a number of large scale pig farms with a breeding scale of over 7,000. For example, on October 15, a farm was built in Beizhen City, Jinzhou Town, Liaoning Department, and there were 19938 pigs in stock; On October 27, a farm is found in Taoyuan County, Changde City, Hunan Province, with 7 768 pigs in stock; November 10 A farm was found in Qingyang County, River Division, 8,339 live pigs.

Beijing News journalist also found that the disease had an impact on 10 registered companies. Among them, Dabei Nong and Shuanghui Development put away the pig farming that affects it; Xinwufeng expects to lose 45 million -67.5 million yuan all year round; Tianbang is a department and department Wen increase dead plan; Muyuan works, raising a young eagle A decline in the average sales price on the Longda squirrel; New Hope and Ao Nong Bio aim to change the business turnover.

Swine rhythm is banned

"It's a great deal of stress, and the price should be upgraded in the past, but I'm still trying to make a hurry." Although the conflict is inside, to the forefront of the crisis, Zhou Luyuan still believes that it is more practical to be very early.

The disease also affects major breeding processes. On November 6, some investors asked, "At least the company will consider reducing the impact on the impact of African pigs," replied Zhengbang Technology, "D & # 39 ; its company may change the local rhythm according to market conditions due to the impact of unexpected events. "

As early as September 3, Tianbang's investor research businesses also reported that Han Shiwei's family-owned pigs had no clinical swelling symptoms of African pig fever. At this time, the measures prevent and control based on the implementation of strict biofuels measures. At the same time, the early selling strategy will be launched. For high pressure areas, the pigs will be recorded in the range of 105kg-115kg to meet the potential dangers of sale. As a result of this strategy, from January to October 2018, Tianbang Co. Ltd sold 1,678,900 commercial pigs with an income of 2.33 billion yuan, an increase of 105.02% and 76.64% respectively.

In the same way, Wen departments have accelerated sales since they started in August. In the third quarter of 2018, the sales number of Wen shares of 5.826 million head pigs, up 25.2% annually; The sales number showed in July of September motions that were in place; increasing, with growth rates of 13.5%, 26.6%, and 34.6%, respectively. The motions are 114.9 kg, 113.9 kg and 110.5 kg respectively.

On the other hand, due to factors such as restrictions and settlements in the districts, the sale of pigs in some companies has declined. For example, the live pigs were sold in stock market in September to reduce year by year.

Sales prices rise and their polarized fall

As a result of the spread of disease and the ban, the overall price of the live pigs showed a downward trend, but there were mixed markets. According to the pig price network statistics, on November 18, the price of pigs increased in 8 areas, the price of pigs fell in 17 areas, and the commercial price of commercial pigs increased significantly. The data on scheduled pig initiatives also confirmed this decision. For example, b & # 39; The average price of commercial pigs sold by Makino in October was 12.23 yuan / kg, down 2.39% anniversary. Average female average price for peregrines in October 12.17 yuan / kg, down 2.56%.

According to the 19 th of October, the Department of Agriculture and Economic Information Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Tang Wei, emerged at the News conference on the operation of agricultural products in the third quarter, due to its impact; The infection of transitory whales was the swine flu movement, and the disease occurred. In the main production areas, such as Liaoning, there are more pigs in the helper, and the price of the swine has decreased largely; the main retail sectors of provision in Beijing, Zhejiang and Shanghai are tight in the early stages, and there is a huge price increase.

Tang Wei also said that the price of swine falls slightly in the short term, with the stable disaster in the & # 39; most areas, and the risk of falling in the main production areas with increased pressure in the previous period will be very high. However, due to the impact of live pigs in the main production areas in the last two months, it is expected that the price of the pigs will rise again before the Spring Festival, but there is little room for growth because pigs production capacity is still enough.

In addition to its impact; At pigs prices, domestic prices also showed a move of difference as a result of an imbalance between supply and demand. For example, on November 18, Liaoning's pig price is about 10 yuan / kg, while Zhejiang is about 17 yuan / kg; It is about 15 yuan / kg per cent; in Liaoning, and Zhejiang's sliding price is about 26 yuan / kg. 1.7 times.

Zhang Lili, a Zhuo Chuang inspector, believes that the current price difference of pigs and pigs can be summarized as sharp pages in pig prices in areas of disease such as Henan and Northeast China. The areas responsible for the movement of pigs have seen price rises due to market supply, such as Zhejiang, Guangdong and other major retail sectors. When the maximum time of spending comes, Zhang Lili believes that the general price increase is the general route, and that the prices of pigs and meat prices are distinctive.

Accelerate business-based process

Although the disease has caused price policing, it has also accelerated business change speed.

Zhang Lili, analyst of Zhuo Chuang's Information, believes that the state is currently in supporting peacock behavior and limiting or limiting; banning pigs transport between infectious areas and plc free areas. Under this move, zones such as zero-free-to-whales eliminate some of the killings because they do not get pigs. In the north, the disturbance will be disrupted due to being harder to carry pigs.

Wang Ya-nan, Zhuo Chuang's Inspector, believes that the situation is restriction or elimination of pigs transport in the country. It is anticipated that there will be a better and more prevalent situation in the domestic pig business industry from whales to pigs, and the business will become more successful again, and breeding and killing will be done. The process can also accelerate.

Indeed, some companies have already done an action. Wen departments in a recent institutional research activity have been expected to expect the business to gradually support its output. market, so its company will add to the level of business that will; kill in the future. In response to questions from investors on November 2, New Hope said that the overall pitch planning of pigs of the company will not be affected, but the regional format will change correctly according to the current situation of African pigs.

For the long-term impact of African pig fever, some companies are "hopeful". In response to the company's third quarter performance development, Longda Feat said "the price of squirrels in some areas has increased due to the impact of African pigs, which has increased the profit of a company 's killing industry . " On 5 September, Tianbang shares in deposits. The interactive platform shows that there is a dynamic process for trying to do it. happening and destroying African pig fever. In short-term, African pig fever has a & # 39; has a significant impact on the rapid expansion of its company's breeding scale. However, in the long run, the ability of African pigs is also an opportunity for improvement. Item a & # 39; The company needs a timely use of marketing opportunities caused by imbalance of pneumonia provision under the disease.

■ User memory

African pig disease is not pleasing

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, African pig fever has a severe, severe and severe infection, caused by a virus of African swine fever, with a severe and poor dying for the pig industry. But African pig fever is not zoonotic, it does not affect people, and it does not. affecting other animals than domestic pigs and wild cork.

At this time, 37 countries and regions have reported that the African Blood Fever infection affects the World Health Organization for Animal Health. African pig fever has never been in the history of our country, but since its first disease was found in Shenyang, Liaoning, on August 3, 2018, the swine fever has been popular in Over ten towns and cities in China. At the same time, as vaccine is not safe and effective in preventing African pig fever and drugs are not effective for cure, only steps can be moved and cleared.

It can be stressed that the main form of African pig fever broadcasting is to inform sexual disruption when live pigs are carried, giving fecal and urine, nutrient pollution and unclear transport. To do this, the "State Office General Office Notice on Continuing Development and Control of African Pig Fever" must ensure that the areas in which the disease should occur and that the protecting nearby towns of the local swine trading markets, prohibit pork subdividers, and freight movement is maintained by a & # 39; implementing different management. Move pigs in other areas through the area where the disease occurred. Vehicles that carry live pigs such as live pigs now have a Enjoy the "green channel" policy of a new transport for agricultural products.

At this time, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Affairs and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security have focused on the "Knowing the Organization of Adequate Work in the Registration of Pig Transport Vehicles, etc." on the Management measures for the registration of pig vehicles to ensure the 1st December 2018. From this point, implementation of the registration and shipping of pig transportation vehicles will be fully implemented. At the same time, many are directly related to the illegal use of kitchen waste (drinking water) with the farmers to feed the pigs. So, it is also necessary to prevent the consumption of kitchen waste to feed the pigs all over the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced on 11 October that the African pig disease was included in the mandatory compulsory emergency subsidy field, and the pigs were removed in the normal subsidy disease of 1,200 yuan / head. So, farm families can get rid of your worries, and # 39; briefly mentions the disease, cooperates with relevant departments to do a good job in a disease situation, and reduce the risk of spreading diseases.

B10-B11 of the Beijing documentary / reporter, Xia Dan

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