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Reporter Reporter Wang Yixiang / Kaohsiung

The 6th Xu Shengming League Championship has come to an end today (20th). Xie Rongyao, "Mother" Xie Rongyao thanked the supporters and volunteers to help with the Little League Xu Shengming for at least ten sessions. Continuously, Xie Rongyao said: "After the end of the day, the shoulder can be removed slightly, but it's growing tomorrow and opening your starting eyes."

Xie Rongyao's teacher gave their children a welcome to Xu Shengming. (Photo / photographer Wang Yixiang)

▲ Xie Rongyao's teacher built their children to welcome Xu Shengming. (Photo / photographer Wang Yixiang)

To finalize his final desire of Xu Shengming birth coach, Ms. Xie Rongyao "Minong Little Ten Years Training Program". Following the death of Xu, one took the lead and established the Xu Shengming Baseball Development Association of the Chinese Republic to continue with the dream of an unfinished Xu business. Little Xu Shengming League Championship held a Little League Little International event in Mino.

As well as holding competitions, Xu Shengming's Baseball Development Association also focuses on medical care and facilities in rural areas. The teacher Xie Rongyao has been in & # 39; running about six years in the last few years. Sometimes sleeping has been compelled due to fundraising. South Westerly

In the outside, there is a fundraising, the world is warm and cold, but is the company that is committed to donations or guns, the teacher Xie Rongyao is grateful. The teacher said emotionally: "Sometimes I will not get any money, I'll be in the air." Xu Shengming), it seems that I hear my request. There are gentle people to appear in a few days or a few weeks. I am think he has been helping me in the middle. "

Zheng Dahong and his mother Xie Rongyao photographed. (Photo / photographer Wang Yixiang)

▲ Zheng Dahong and his mother Xie Rongyao photographed. (Photo / photographer Wang Yixiang)

In the past, Xu Shengming's sons and soldiers supported Xu's young talents. Zhang Taishan's wife, Wu Jingyi, became senior secretary of her societies this year to help the mothers to deal with issues. Stars Lin Yiquan, Zheng Dahong and others are present when they have time. Li Ting, Xie Rongyao also added to Zheng Dahong this year. She said: "In recent years he has donated gifts to children as a gift. This year Dahong has returned to friends. Do not worry, every month he has part of his money, just for her Little League, I have a great impact on me. "

Zheng Dahong and his mother Xie Rongyao photographed. (Photo / photographer Wang Yixiang)

▲ Zheng Dahong supported the equipment and prizes for the children's competition. (Photo / photographer Wang Yixiang)

The teacher is particularly grateful for the support from all areas of life, including the Kaohsiung City Government, Mino District Office, Junhong International Hotel, Fuxin Hospital and other long-term support. This year, Fubon Art Foundation who has also sponsored her charity also has a & # 39; providing long term funding to the society. : "The game was finalized today, the pressure was reduced, but it was only a calm day. Starting tomorrow is a new start."

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