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For many users with friends living in the United States, go online to the Amazon website for a shop, and then ask friends to return to Taiwan as part of their daily life. It will tell you good news, if you have such needs as a whole, now you're easier to buy in the Amazon, because you're finally going to buy it; Supporting the Chinese traditional interference.

In fact, the original Amazon website supports a five-language show: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. For some Taiwanese criterion, a simplified Chinese presentation has been easier to read in English, German and other languages, but traditional Chinese is not the case. Now, if you open a browser and sign in to Amazon, you can see that the website is now supporting Traditional Chinese. The website also has a & # 39; lists 45 million items on the station that can be directly sent to Taiwan. Service. now offers Chinese traditional support, and 45 million items are available on the homepage for direct delivery to Taiwan and its products. national flag! It is worth remembering. (Figure / image flip.

According to the test information, the part of Amazon that supports Traditional Chinese has changed the main name, option, and description of Chinese traditional products. But, a & # 39; including consumer views and main products, etc., it is not translated entirely to Traditional Chinese. However, compared to the English interface, it is very common to Taiwanese. It is difficult that the Japanese Japanese, which has been widely Taiwanese drawn up to find the internet, does not yet support traditional Chinese. This part may be one of the many new services that many users have. wait vigilantly

In terms of buying Amazon's website, what are the benefits of it? The biggest benefit you may still be able to purchase is not yet officially imported to Taiwan, and you have the opportunity to access a # 39; Avoiding to earn some of the media. If there is no clear idea, including the Google Pixel 3 series pocket that was released last year, but not being introduced in Taiwan, the Piceil Slate 2-in-1 computer, or Amazon's favorite Amazon book reader, can now be just in the United States. Amazon bought it and sent it to Taiwan. In addition, if you like LEGO friends, you can also go online and buy new products that Taiwan has not yet come in.

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