Are the NBA Warriors winning the Eastern Conference? Currie becomes a defender – Scottish News for the time

The Warriors set four losses in six games after Stephen Curry was bad, and they had three lost streak games. Cha d & # 39; They only got an influence on the Nets and Hawks. They did not have their defense team. Very colorful. Kerui can return to a team after a week of identification. Whether it is possible for the crew member to play at that time, the outside world is attentive.

Guillermo Currie was injured in the game against the Bucks on November 9. After that, he lost six games. The Warriors lost to her; fast boat, Rockets, Ranger nan Aonar and Spurs. 100.25 points, 16.35 points lower than the current average, and an average of 10.25 points.

How important is Currie to the Warriors? In 399 minutes of the game on the court, the Warriors received 118 points on her; court. When he had no 470 minutes on the court, the Warriors had an extraordinary 8-point skip. It was clear that the fire fell into the entire team after Currie. Very bad.

It is expected that Currie will be reviewed on the 25th, and it is hopeful that he can return quickly. Warriors could wait for Curry to return to the team to get the director back, and Corey can prove that the team is up to date. there. Status.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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