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Nose blowing! The red-sister "Liu Wei", who is a 26-year-old, who wears an average vest, choked to kill the fish and reveals a crisp trench. but the recent uproar with milk powder and went to the big house during the night. In this respect, aunt was designed to be harmed as it was designed. Furthermore, some of the nets have excavated that the suspicions of suspected fancy dress wore were in the past, and they opened t-shirt dance films on stage t temple festival.

Videos brought by netizens show three female female dancers at St Lukang's Palace, at Fengtian Palace, Chiayi, and other feast fairs. Dancing is performed live on the stage and the legs are shown loosely. Secret and luxurious dance, withdrawing from view of scene, audience cannot see under eye. Hidden netzines noticed that one of the female dancers is "the most beautiful fish merchant in Taiwan".

According to the Apple Daily, a representative of the media said that the film was in 2017. They signed in mid-year last year. It is unclear whether the Aunt will be dancing and dancing at the temple fair. Antony said she would notify her sister and ask that she invite the media.

(China Times Newsletter)

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