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▲ Zhou Tiancheng (Picture / Related Journalists / Dazhi Image)

The Tokyo Tokyo Voting officially for a recent referendum. Even the International Olympics have even written concerns. Many athletes express their voices to protect their partner rights. Today (20), the first "Prince of Badminton" is published on Facebook. He has one of his brothers, Zhou Tiancheng, a & # 39; filming a movie response. He hopes that the world can allow the players to play outside.

"As an athlete, I want the world to see our efforts, so that every sporting game can focus on preparing for the event and gaining a degree to play to their strengths . " Wang Ziwei wrote on Facebook.

Zhou Tiancheng said in the movie that many players after the East Youth Olympics have been swept away, however, many players will be worried about being able to do so. participating in Asian and Olympic Games. Even though the opportunities are not very high, the psychology of the players is unhappy. I hope everyone looks like it. Stand up and protect the rights and interests of the players.

Zhou Tiancheng said: "I hope we will still give us membership or membership, sometimes we will attach articles together to protect the rights and interests of the players. This is what I want to do now and we can The sport players have to stand and protect their rights. On the other hand, it's like the head of the Olympic Games. If we left it, it's not impossible to play part Take a look at it, whether it's a human or future young person, I think it will have a huge impact, and even affect many people to participate in sport. So I want to take this opportunity to connect a sporting world, trying to make a straightforward force to protect the rights and interests of the players. "

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