Bauer says he wants patience. An economist does not believe that the Deer is make mistakes again.

The presidency of the Feachdal Reserve (Fèidh), Paul, said on Tuesday that the deer would not give an interest rate to prevent smoking from the economy. But some economics do not believe it. They are worried that the Deer's patience will be running out sooner. In the next two years, the economy can decline to decline.

The American Business Economy Association (NABE) published an economic policy review that shows that three quarters of respondents expect the economy to start; decline by the end of 2021. 42% of respondents expect the economy to decrease in 2020.

Economically believes that economic growth will not end due to the long term, and there are some factors that need to be done; prevent economic growth. Traditionally, the Deer has been trying to forget his & her; A key indicator of reliable decline – the bend came back and continued to raise interest rates, causing a decline.

If the deer has a letter, it should complete the pace of speed in this economic cycle and stop its normal plan for normal rates. Why do economists decline their expectations?

Although Bauer stressed that the Deer is not committed to making financial policy decisions, in the eyes of economists, the deer is not at all; see a stranger.

Although most economists say that the current policy situation is "pretty much right," they are. Believe that this is not just represented in & # 39; tension circle, not end. Almost 60% of economists expect a federal level of federal funding to be higher than the current level by the end of 2020. 62% of respondents expect the level of the deer going up to 3% or higher, and the wine will place the place and start to & # 39; reduce levels of interest.

In other words, economists expect the Fingal to gain levels of interest again, and the results can be imagined.

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