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In the second day of the second year, there are 6 taboons in the family, and is forbidden "to wash clothes, take in" and so on. Zhongtian News

Today the second day of New Year is a lot of people; flows back to their parents, but in fact, the second day is back to their parents, and there are many things, like it's best not to swimwear, washing clothes, as well as gifts to insert a double number to add one number, etc. Doom, I'm scared he'll be declining for a year.

Zhongtian News commented that every year's New Year's Day is a great day for married women, but indeed there are many taboos on the day. The Zhongtian News said there are "6 taboos", a & # 39; including Year & # 39; New. Do not wash clothes in the second day, since you take a touch, and # 39; Return to the door so that it is not special, can not restore old clothes when you can not return to your house, as a representative, so that it does not bring bad luck.

These include New Year's Day, and # 39; Weaving clothes, since the day of the day is the water in the house; first day and second day. If the clothes are washed on the second day of the new year, it is equivalent to the work of the water day, which gives bad luck. The two right-handed couples, good luck, say that the scientist Cai Teng's numeracy would also say that the door should not put into pieces, and make it full, beautiful and divorced horns the whole environment.

In terms of being arrested, Cai Teng said that the start of the new year will be enough in the second year of the new year if you are in a position; giving a nice day or day of a lion on the second day of the new year. The power of the year is not enough, and the role will be affected. If you can return home to time, it is best to go back to the mother's house on 2nd February of the moon calendar, or add old dress to the family as a representative. In the fourth and fifth days, I will return to my mother's house, so that he does not welcome his / her; ceilidh.

In addition, when he returns to his family, he needs to be a lunch. If she stays at dinner, maybe she is "eaten to the end". Her family will be poor and her; declining for a year.

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