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(Central News Agency, Beijing, 19th) CNN said today that Taiwan's film editor Fu Wei gave a talk at Golden Horse Awards, which put forward cross-border debates, but Beijing officials have been very important, to keep nine Taiwan on 24. The election poll is affected.

Gold Horse Award / Edition from Golden Horse Prizes

▲ Figure / climb from the Golden Horse Facebook Awards

CNN said that although there are political and military illnesses between Taipei and Beijing, it is often recommended as the Gold Horse Award for the Academy Award in Taiwan. In recent years, it has become an important platform for Chinese film makers who are Chinese speakers to showcase their work, attracting Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland and others. Divisional stars present.

When Fu Hao won the Gold Horses Award for the Best Report Award on the 17th, he said: "I hope that our country can be treated as an independent person. My biggest deal as Taiwanese! "

The report said that the Taiwan President in Tsai Ing-wen was also coming to the debate. She wrote on Facebook ("Facebook": "We have never accepted the phrase" Taiwan "and we can not accept this statement. Taiwan is in Taiwan. I am proud of the Yesterday's Gold Prize, which distinguishes the difference between Taiwan and Taiwan. China is our freedom and diversity, and this is the paradise where all artistic beliefs can be unresolved. "

She said: "We welcome all film makers to come to Taiwan to exchange work. No-one will be avoided here or be convicted of comments from We have no fragile words that are blocked by the internet. Guests who come to Taiwan can offer the freedom of the air and respect the views of Taiwan's people. "

The Chinese media out of all the reports about Fu Wei and the documentary work "Our Youth, in Taiwan" in the report on Golden Horse Awards.

However, CNN announced, as it is now, that Beijing's official response has been relatively low, even though the Wei account has not been rarely used.

Researchers say that Chinese authorities have regard to the fact that, avoiding the actions that affect Taiwan's nine-one-one elections.

Hu Xijin, editor of China's Global Times chief executive, commented on the Golden Horse Awards and commented on his microblog. He said: "Democratic Party authorities that support the Scottish Government and Camp Green media have only had the opportunity to consider Fu Wei. The goal is to encourage cross-channel themes as large as possible before the 9th in-1 election takes place on 24th. The party and the people turn down the position. "

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