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News Agency / NOWnews

(President of the Jun Junhua Media News Company, Taipei, 19th) The 9th election is 1 near. Chen Mingtong, chairman of the Tipperary Business Council, in a question in the Yuan Legislation today said that the CCP will intervene in democratic countries in a variety of ways. Taiwan's choice, Taiwanese people are very unhappy with this.

When President of the US President of the United States (AIT) spoke about Taiwan's elections in a media interview in Taipei, he said: "It's clear that outside forces in Taiwan are trying change the public opinion and change beautiful information. This is a dangerous one. " AIT has uploaded videos of videos posted by Mo Jian to Facebook fans.

Liu Shifang, a member of the Party Democrat legislature, asked in a question by a business committee within the Yuan Legislation today that the role of the Housing Association of the United States itself is on Facebook. reflecting his ideas on the Taiwan-SA relationship, and an independent interview of Mo Jian was taken from the TV station, and questioned that outside the forces opposed.

Chen Mingtong in research said that the CCP's interaction in democratic countries is in a variety of well-known and well-known internationally recognized ways. The CCP used to have the opportunity to; Creating troubles before making elections in Taiwan. In the past, he used to fight anti-Taiwan military exercises and criticism. The Taiwanese people are very pleased with this.

Chen Mingtong said that a public press release could deal with the individual news media, and the MAC does not; comment, but Mo Jian's interview with AIT is published on the website, and each area can look at themselves, and thank the USA about its responsibility; about this event. (Editor: Yang Kaixiang) 1071119

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