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Chiayi Ticket Insurance to be issued by a Print Professioner Officer; compensation compensation Huashi News

The event in which the ticket crash in Chiayi was taken out of the printing house (Mobile Google Map)

General Report Wu Nanda / Chiayi County

The old day (18) went to the printing house to count the votes. After leaving, the police officers found that she took the "333 votes" and took hold of her master. It is said to have forgotten "pay the additional votes to destroy it and put them in the cart." After the police she sent the letter to her local commander; break the "Election of Law"; the case went to the Lantan Print Factory for a morning inspection (20), and firstly found that the relevant person failed to "the Election and Abolition Act" 109. His case is under administrative control.

The police said the event that took place with the ballot insurance was held at 6:55 pm. November 18. The place at the Lantan Print Factory was in Chiayi City. At that time, Hou Xing's hydro-office director, the host of hospitality, went to print. When they left work, they went to vote was given by the purchaser in the county, 13 votes were cast by his the county council, 100 were voted by the head of the town, 100 were chosen by Liu Xincun, 100 Yixing town chiefs and 1 Jinghe town chiefs. The ballot papers were placed in the public documents and were removed. At the moment, they were suspended by Huang's security guardians. After the news, he was transferred to a law office.

The Police Department reported that a case was taken; Reporting voting to representative of Chiayi District Center for inspection and inspection. The Chiayi County Police Department worked with the scrutiny to clarify the case and, if so, necessary, he placed a criminal police station for investigation.

In order to avoid similar issues, the Director ordered his & Police, Chen Jiaqin, repeated that the county and town police stations across the country were vigilant. To maintain security of ballot printing, transport and care, enforcement control, research and video recording, patrol and watch Force policing team will force the police and police function, make sure that the staff who are go out and go firmly, and then prohibit the conduct of objects such as pigs, morgs, etc., to prevent public election and voting voters from happening.

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