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IC CITIC Worrying Zhang Zhihao. (Image / Narrator Ye Zhengxun, 2019.03.24)
IC CITIC Worrying Zhang Zhihao. (Image / Narrator Ye Zhengxun, 2019.03.24)

Unable to stop! CITIC Brothers played the integrated single team at Tainium Stadium today. Although the first jig, Shi Ziqian from the opponent was sunk, the brothers fought in the eighth tour, including 2 Zhou Siqi points and the second. The last brothers came up with 11: 8 and they won 7 consecutive wins in one way.

In this game, the brothers used the errors in the first game, and Lin Shuyi struck the ball, and Chen Zihao struck the guerrilla and rolled the ground to get to the point.

However, in the second round, the 2 National guns were added and the center of Yang Zhilong was sent again, losing 3 points. In the fifth game the brothers made a mistake and made a mistake, but Lin Zhisheng exploded the 2-point mid-shot on the right in the 6th game.

He only saw 1 point difference, but the Lions team Yang Jiawei, Tang Yuting, Lin Youle 7 goals in a row and took 4 points to open the score again.

At first, the ball resisted Ridi, and Zhou Siqi sent out a second base in the center and Zhang Zhihao sent it up to hope and pushed the 3 points. All the brothers and sheds were sent out.

The runners-up were also beaten by the brothers after 2016, with the highest level now in the league.

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