Chongyou is not allowed to "listen" Sun Anzuo will explain those things Funny Today's news

▲ Chongyouke University explained Sun Anzuo's informal recording and can only take part in the course in a "recorded reading" format. (Photo figure / booklet)

The artist Sun Peng and Di Yi, the 18-year-old, was arrested by Anzu for terrorist threats in March 2018. After the US survey , was arrested for "non-US citizenship" and was sentenced 15 to 21 months. (19) A case was formally named, and Sun Anzu was released from her & # 39; jail. After completing the operation of the Immigration Bureau, it can be returned to Taiwan in 4 to 6 weeks. For Keller lawyer, the entry document in the "University of Technology Right Right Cinema" entry into the court, Shu Zonghao, dean of School of Art, has been confirmed today (20) "we hope a new opportunity to young people ", but informal clarification of Sun Anzuo Entering the school, Attend the course in a "registered" way.

According to comprehensive middle statements, Shu Zonghao and the artist Sun Peng are brothers in Guoguang School of Art. They have also collaborated with a couple in many dramas. When you go; They stayed in the United States, Sun Peng held close ties with each other. Shu Zonghao said he would speak with the school's improvement center. Sun Anzuo allowed to participate in the course in a "work-recorded" format. "But there is no official entrance and there is no credit." Focusing on that "class study" will also consider whether Sun Anzu is entitled to entry.

Sun Anzuo is expected to be in a state of riot when he arrives at school. Shu Zonghao remarkably said that every teacher would have particular attention to him, but there is no special remedy. "Everything is in line with the usual methods." Sun Anzu will be organized to inform the students of the events involved. As well as allowing the pupils to ' Understanding his background, he also gave the opportunity to stimulate the sufferings and lessons learned after the event, and more importantly, to prevent violence from his / her; champus.

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