CNN: Golden Horse Storm China's official official influence on Taiwan's elections – News – Rti Rti Radio Station

CNN: Golden Horse Storm China's official official influence on Taiwan's elections – News – Rti Rti Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-20 07:18
  • News quote: Interview, CNN
  • Writer: Yang Mingjuan

The 55th Golden Horse Awards prize was held in Taipei on the 17th evening. Fu Wei (nice) leader won the best documentary "on young people, in Taiwan". (Photograph: Media News Agency)

The Horses Award Fu Hao "Our Youth in Taiwan" documentary was awarded the best documentary award this year. The award-winning lecture on the stage began a heat debate between the two sides. CNN's report on the 19th to date, Beijing officials have been very important at a low level, so that they can not be missed. impact on the 24th voting vote in Taiwan 9-ann-1.

The Golden Horse Awards were held in the 17th century. Fu Hao "Our Youth, Taiwan" was the best documentary award. She added her talk to the stage: "I hope that our country can be treated as an independent person. This is my biggest demand as Taiwanese. " Her speech was cited by the listeners, but the Chinese media stopped the Golden Horse Awards broadcast then, China's Internet chain fell to "our youth, Taiwan" and Fu Yan Facebook, Da Yu.

CNN said that he was the Oscar Taiwan Gold Prize and was established in 1962. In recent years, despite political and military tensions between the two sides; Firth, the Golden Horse Awards have become a leading platform for Chinese film makers who are Chinese speakers to showcase their work, attracting stars from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and elsewhere.

Following the Golden Horse Prize event, an internet war began on both sides of the firth. The Fu Wei social media page was lost with hard words; Many Chinese celebrities, including Fan Bingbing, were famous for the prevention of taxes, along with millions of internet users. Singing Taiwan is part of a Chinese protest.

CNN said that Taiwan's leaders were also coming to the debate. President Tsai Ing-wen said the Gold Horses Award has shown the freedom and diversity of Taiwanese art creation. Cai President said: "We can not always accept the statement" China Taiwan "and we can not accept this statement. Taiwan is in Taiwan. I am proud of the Yesterday's Gold Prize, which Showcasing why Taiwan is different from China, it is ours. Freedom and diversity, and this is the paradise where all artificial religions can not be taken away. "

President Tsai Ing-wen sent a message on Facebook: "No one will break out or be convicted of different ideas. We do not have fragile words to stop the internet. This is Taiwan. Taiwan guests can respect the people of Taiwan's people to enjoy the freedom of the air. "

In the Golden Horse Award report, the Chinese media removed all the reports about Fu Wei and the "Our Youth, Taiwan" documentary.

CNN commented that Beijing's official response was largely maintained so far. The Weibo account that has been a small number of Fu Wei's cookies is still closed.

Analysts believe that Chinese authorities are responsible for their actions on the result of the election in September in Taiwan. The report raised that it was the result of economic detection and the tension between the two sides; Firth, that a Democratic Progress Party is led by a & # 39; President Tsai Ing-wen struggles to fight.

According to CNN, in response to the Golden Horse Award, Hu Xijin, editor of China's Global Times chief executive, said on Weibo: "The leading Conservative Democrats and Green Camp media have been committed to & # 39; worry about the Fusong event. One is the only reason, that is, on the 24th. Before the eleven election was held, the subject of the scenes should be quicker than possible, and the situation of those affected by the DPP will be hit again. "Hu Xijin said that the Chinese public should be aware of this.

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