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Guaranteed to be & # 39; taking part in Dongao Xu Shujing. Zhou Tiancheng anyway Chinese News

Lian Weibei Lin Zhichun / Taipei Town Report

On the 6th (24th), the referendum case will be held by Dongao, and the Xu Shujing Gold Medalist and the Zhou Tiancheng Badminton player will stand and I hope everyone will vote the opposition to make sure the athletes can play well! However, we say Dongao is a "Alliance Alliance" to clarify that the name does not affect the players' rights of players.

Zhou Tiancheng, a badminton player, has given everyone protection of the rights of athletes through the video. The International Olympic Committee sent a letter to give a warning for the third time if the Chinese Olympics did not comply with the regulations, it can devolve China's membership. Austria's Post is asking everyone to give the athletes a degree in 11/24 and support the Chinese Olympics. I hope athletes can take part in the competition! "

A badminton player Wang Wei also published a message, asking everyone to vote against their case, leaving the level athletes to play their strengths. But the Dongao Zhengming Society will not change its name to influence the rights and interests of the competitors, and Ji Zhengzheng, one of the founder of Dongao, is said to be the largest name; in Taiwan from a & # 39; call on athletes. In the evening, other athletes will be able to make it famous for a Taiwanese board.

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