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▲ Huang Junying staff spoke about the pedestrian's work experience and asked to repeat the Yu Shen defense event. (Picture / taken from Yu Korean face book)
▲ Kaohsiung Mòr Party Party candidate South Korea Yu. (Picture / taken from Yu Korean face book)

On the afternoon (19th), Kaohsiung Mòr's television debate went on significantly, and both sides launched a "centenary" debate. In the meeting, Democratic Progressive Party, Chen Qimai, often asked for a candidate Kuomintang, Korea Korea Yu, and the language of Europe, "I came to a seaman, not And the civil servant "who was" coming out and that was very spectacular. In this regard, the Commissioner of Taipei City Council Luo Zhiqiang said: "Yu Korea's debate was not lost, the election will definitely be entitled."

Chen Qimai asked Yu Korea at the yesterday's debate. There are 16 transformations on a fishing port at Kaohsiung. For the Zhongmu and Shanwei fishing ports, what transformation strategy, development goals and Korea Yu route? In response, South Korea replied, "I am the time of a master, not the civil servant." This information may be moved by the Fisheries Director and Secretary for Economic Development. Just as he did not ask Chen Qimai how much water is in Kaohsiung, he asked. This type of question is meaningless.

Luo Zhiqiang remarkably added on Facebook last night, political debate, the owner, wants the challenger to "challenge" in some minor information, because the person can not " Challenges to talk about the policy; At present, it is the same as the person responsible, but new policies may not be prepared for all detailed details.

He said yesterday that Chen Qimai wanted to lose information to South Korea, which emphasized Han's "non-profit", but Yu Korea's response is more clear. In fact, "I am the master, not the civil servant" is even more amazing. South Westerly

Luo Zhiqiang said it was the weakness of the person that there is enough of Baoshan Baohai at Chen Qimai, which seems to be inclusive, but also the public will; Feeling why it was not done in the past 20 years, and why did it happen, and that the public did not see it? Luo Zhiqiang is more benign. "Chen Qimai said that the way of improving tourists' growth is to multiply their visibility taxability." If it has grown, can it be taken by tourists, or is it better to do it? DPP care for friends and relatives? "

Luo Zhiqiang said, "When I look at the debate, there are not many people who can think of what Chen Qimai said, or indeed he understands the meaning of the nouns yes. " Here is the "co-written" Chen Qimai, and South Korea Yu said "The wall of my heart is there, and there is a heart in my heart." It's simple and easy to understand. In addition, Chen Qimai recognizes the "Love River Ferris Wheel" and "Chinese-English bilingual teaching", and can be said to be a bad policy impact for Yu Korea South Uist.

Luo Zhiqiang remarkably said that from the performance of the debate, Korean Yu's knowledge with its home is indeed lower than Chen Qimai, but this will not affect the election. "Yu Korean was not defeated and the election won."

Netizens responded to the comments below. This debate will be "At the moment, Chen Liwei wants a Master of Korea"! "Baoshan Baohai talks about a number of things, which means why I do not do +1 in the last 20 years, I just want to dig a doll to Han." Bounce ", but some websites think" But, in comparison, I prefer to know Ke P well-known; town, in fact, not specific details, but answering a response 70% or 80%. Anyone can tell that the master who has come to power does not understand the future problem. Is not this really bad? "

▲ Total Luo Zhiqiang face. (图 / 翻翻 自 罗智强 Facebook) "width =" 500 "height =" 584 "class =" size-full wp-image-3077900 "srcset =" Uploads / 2018/11/1542674753-b0d244c28d0fb6e18b556daf12aed885.png 500w, 257w, https: //www.nownews. Com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11/1542674753-b0d244c28d0fb6e18b556daf12aed885-360x420.png 360w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px
▲ Total Luo Zhiqiang face. (Figure / away from Luo Zhiqiang Facebook)

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