Cui Zhenhe's accident "30 stitches in the eye" is turned up and then works. Recreation NOWnews News of the day

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▲ Cui Zhenhe was wounded at her news conference. (Live figure / SBSNOW)

Han Xing Cui Zhenhe has recently been on to kill the new "Character of the Queen" drama, but was reportedly injured in the studio last night. When he fired Kendo's sight, he killed the top of his right eye, and put 30 sticks to the doctor. 20) On a news conference day, Cui Zhenhe said the dedication for the work and its obligation for fans was convinced that he would have been injured.

Yesterday, Cui Zhenhe was wounded suddenly on top of his right eye because of Kendo filming. The stop was put to the doctor. The crown was about 6 to 7 cm, and 30 stitches were hit. After work, he returned home quietly, although he had to return to work immediately. There is a problem, but his company said that Cui Zhenhe has a big case now and will still attend the drama media conference. The Japanese fans' meeting will usually be held. In other circumstances, a news conference will be debated again after the news conference.

▲ Zhang Nara was at his news conference. (Live figure / SBSNOW)

When Cui Zhenhe was present at his news conference, although he was Part that was badly moved by OK 蹦, the status was very good. Zhu Dongmin's director said the team and the players were working hard and really, and there were many dangerous scenes in the drama. I did not think Cui Zhenhe was injured. I added great thanks and excuse, but I was very fond of seeing everyone who was, encourage each other.

The "Character of the Queen" represents Cui Zhenhe, Zhang Nala, Shen Chenglu, and Shen Enqing. Cui Zhenhe is a playing the mystery he did not always miss. He also works hard for the show. The play tells the story of a music actor who became a queen suddenly (Zhang Nala) and fell into the royal struggle for any reason. The exhibition will be broadcast in full on iQiyi Taiwan every Thursday and Friday from November 22.

▲ Cui Zhenhe was wounded at her news conference. (Live figure / SBSNOW)

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