Dawn filled? The "essential" evening after Yu Korean debate! Net snow: as Hong Xiuzhu of the year Politics NOWnews News today

Korean Yu question
▲ Margaret Marriage Party Kaohsiung Mòr Korea Yu Yu concluded. (Figure / received from YouTube)

The debate was officially released on Kaohsiung on the afternoon of yesterday (the 19th). It was also a prime point for a South Korean candidate Kuomintang candidate and Chen Qimai's "direct football" application. Yu revealed his ideas and said "seeing Yu Yu's performance today is very tough."

The PTT website responded to article Gossiping on the draft "Guide Guide across the Main Issues Question and Answer". In addition to agricultural workers, it is very difficult to see Yu Yu's performance is very difficult today. A debate today is return to basics. However, he revealed the weaknesses of Yu Yu.

The websites order the three main points in South Korea's Yu Korea. Initially, the team is not strong. Guide to & # 39; All of the policy in the Yu Yu church. Second, Yu Yu is completely a foreigner, and it's not all about Kaohsiung. Thirdly, the most fundamental thing is that Han's essential ability is still to reach a height that a factor should have. Netizens believes that these problems will end China's South Korea, whichever he chose to choose Kaohsiung's master, it is an inevitable result. in the fall, morning and evening problems.

For example, the nickname was named as Hong Xiuzhu, the Kuomintang chairman, for example. He believed that the rise of Yu Korea was a " looks like Hong Xiuzhu as a result of the old elders and was a candidate for his Kuomintang. Everything was covered with a & # 39; and the young man turned on her, and thought she could break through the generations. The fairness, but as long as the old man went to; singing, the election began to confirm, the weakness will be; Gradually, Hong Xiuzhu was thrown down, Korea was downloaded, "said this. It's easy to help."

After reading the work, other users responded, "Say that it's a shellstone", "Meaning, why you want to break the words of Hanbiao," " Is not the team strong? The Kuomintang tank helps to prepare for it? " "Korea is a bit funny," and some of the websites said that this is a debate that "is not a good enough opportunity for the supporters." "It should be said to be a precautionary error but there is no local knowledge."

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