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▲ ▼ Kaohsiung Advocate Professor Chen Qimai, Chen Qimai after Yu Korean debate, Chen Qimai. (Picture / Reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

▲ Kaohsiung Lead candidate Chen Qimai and Chen Qimai after Yu Korean debate. (Picture / Reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

Text / Tao Ben and

Kaohsiung Mayor television debate was named as a battle that would affect the result of the election. Kuomintang candidate, South Korea, was well-paced, but when he went to the question, DPP candidate Chen Qimai was clearly demonstrated. The high school planning arrest, the attacking and defensive effort on the flattering, similar to a tanker of thought that is in fact; accompany the side; Much, Yu Korea has attacked him again, but only as a quiet keeper.

In the film "Our Brand is Concris", elector Jan Bodting, played by Sandra Blake, was resigned in Bolivia to assist the voter electorate, Cartis, to campaign; Initially the crew was able to shape it; Growth card was warm, simple, and opposed to her personal duties, but continued to have a & # 39; support it. However, when Cartis was physically restrained by the people, Sandra Bullock showed Cartis's very wild and incapacity, which encouraged his support for climbing.

Compared to Chen Qimai, since the election of a seaman, the team has been in a position; the shape of his doctors and his pupils, and is simpler and worse, but he has been hit by the less well-known Yu Korean. However, in this main debate, Chen Qimai received a ridicule of the image on his shape uniquelyChen Qimai, who was very acidic in the Statutory Yuan in the past, was called back, and did not fall into the wrong place with the Yubi Choir.

▼ Kaohsiung Major debate, KMT post-president of Korea Yuhui post-conference. (Jinglian Linter / Picture / Reporter)

▲ ▼ Kaohsiung big debate, Kuomintang Korea Korea demand Yuhui post-conference. (Jinglian Linter / Picture / Reporter)

As well as more than its mythology, as well as being difficult, Chen Qimai is more important in the cross-examination level of firepower display, it can be seen that the debating group in the past to develop a variety of conversation strategies, in fact, come to use. In addition, as well as protection, it also includes a number of paths. It can be said that the change of crime and protection and the rhythm pattern is easy and practicable.

Chen Qimai was in the attack, and the organization of the fantastic problems was. He again resumed that Yu Korea will enter the design route. In the first question of cross-quiz, he threw out the "Zhongyi and Shanwei transformation strategy" among the 16 largest fishing ports in Kaohsiung. Yu Korea answered that he chose Father Kaohsiung not to choosing civil services. "How do not ask me. How many of your fire-water in Kaohsiung? There are so many fishing tunes and commercial ports, too much, there is no way to fully understand." Immediately, Chen Qimai was involved,Lieutenant and Shanwei are located in a forest garden in Yushu South Korea. They said there is no clear place to stay in the place where they are going to; live. How to solve Kaohsiung's problem?

In addition, Chen Qimai responded to the cultural policy and questioned the idea of ​​the Weiwuying Arts and Business Operational Center. Yu Korea stated that he would employing a good cultural leader in English, and implemented to the director; , TheIndeed, the Weiwuying National Center of Art is the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture. It is not under the command of the Kaohsiung Landlords, prove that Yu's South Right is not; Understand the local and local powers and responsibilities.

The problem of petrochemical industry, also, said that the value of its # 39; petrochemical chemical industry of 13.2%, asking if Korea Yu was a? Supports the return of petrochemical industry to Kaohsiung? South Korea Korea said that he was chickens with gold eggs in petrochemicals. Other services, agriculture and fishing provide them with attention. The petrochemical industry will not care for it. It's so amazing that "I must admit that I do not understand this, but it does not mean that I do not care". However, as early as 2016, 14 main petrochemical industry centers have moved to Kaohsiung, and taxes are under the Kaohsiung rule. Chen Qimai's question is, once again, the Yu Yuan Korean.Also showing missing understanding of Kaohsiung business statusSouth Westerly

In general, although Yu is not South Korea; changing the political language with a high room power, it also trying to control the main rhythm of the debate, and oil excavation and motorcycle in Taiping Island. Policy visit and other issues, but also challenge the & # 39; Challenges for long-term care, Chen Qimai. But, as well as getting to & # 39; movement, Chen Qimai also turned to attack. On many issues, it implies the detrimental effect of the Yu Korean policy and lack of understanding of the Kaohsiung Municipal Government, including cultural policy. Yu is a South Right; looking for a good cultural director in English, and Kaohsiung's fishing port has also been brought to the Fisheries Director.A football match just became a dodgeball gameSouth Westerly

In the end of the case, the Chen Qimai camp and the Green Camp have ensured that "the debate is very big". However, the Green Camp can not be too early to forget it. South Korean Korea still has a strong political language and the move is very high. It is difficult to decide what this product is affecting the outcome of the debate, in particular to vote itself, which is irregular. At the end, I still need to & # 39; Looking at the pre-election night on the 23rd, and the number of votes that will be moved on 24th.

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▲ ▼ 2018 Kaohsiung High-Level Debate, Kaohsiung Mayor Debate, Korea Yu, Chen Qimai. South-West (Sanli Figure / Supply)

▲ 2018 Kaohsiung Yu Yu and Chen Qimai High-Level Debate. (Sanli Figure / Supply)

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