Gao Jinsumei married 60 years of age "the most beautiful show exhibition" He Jiajin? She personally opened the event without a forum


The Xiao Fangjun / Taipei commentator that 53-year-old Gao Jinsumei "the most beautiful show Zhao" He Jiajin 29 years ago, saw the collaborative play "Love" attached to it. T his love. If the woman is unmarried, the couple will marry. Now the "60-year-old" contract will be ended. The "Star News" interview said that this agreement was when it was admitted to hospital with breast cancer, that the other party gave her confidence, that the two had not been too difficult, as you should know after ask questions of the media and question networks, and are busy now for a number of years, Gao Jinsumei said that she is now working hard and not thinking about it. get married.

In 1990, He Jiajin (right) filmed "Love" from China Education and Gao Jin Sumei in love. (From the Internet)

Gao Jinsumei was asked about this issue last year, and he replied earnestly: "Are you still having fun?" The old Ravaguchi harbor broke the news, saying Gao Jinsumei was "a married man" and explained: "As early as 20 years At this time when he was elected to the rector, Jinsumei Gao was currently married to Atayal."

Gao Jinsumei has been a governor for 18 years. (Picture reference, reporter Fang Binzhao) t

NowGao JinsumeiShowing the beginning and end of the year, laughing that the two links had been unrelated for many years, it was inextricably linked, but also broke the mindful of both. follow.

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