Google Duo video call software to launch the 撼 FaceTime version – Hong Kong Economic Times – Money – Technology


Google Duo will launch a web convert that will Using a browser with a video lens and a higher microphone.

Apple has video videos on FaceTime, and Google also has Duo. However, Google Duo had never had a mobile version. Recently, Google Duo launched a webmap, which could be used by browser, video camera and advanced microphone. It is said that Google hopes to increase the number of users.

Google Duo was not just using Android and iOS versions, and & # 39; Supporting tablets and smartphones. However, after you launch the new webpage, users will only use Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other browsers, and go to the Google Duo website to log in and use. If the new user for Google Duo is used, you can sign up as a member, click "Report" on the options page, enter the Google account, and then click "Send My Account" to to a browser. The easy way to use.

At this time, many platforms that provide video-locked activities, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and even Instagram are also available. launching video calls.

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