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Guo Dong attacks Microsoft experts: who can win it is difficult to say | Apple Daily

Guo Haiming, Honorary Chairman of Hai (2317), beat "small species" yesterday, yesterday, and did not make money to Google for the Taiwanese furnace. According to "Nihon Keizai Shimbun", some researchers agreed with the situation of Guo Dong.

Han Wenzhao, a mobile phone superintendent at the Business Research Institute, said: "As long as I understand it, if Microsoft believes there is a violation, it will also go to the phone operator or person Such equipment is the Honorary Purchasers of Hai to collect taxes and it is more reasonable that these users are the users of the patent.

However, Ross Darrell Feingold, a solicitor and political consulting service provider, says it is still too early to say which party is benefiting in legal proceedings. " Hai Hai, a formal response and lighting (if previously we only have Microsoft's first complaint, which can be used to analyze its background. ”

Fan Geode said that Microsoft, like other US technology companies, also hoped that a trade agreement can solve this problem and allow US companies to compete fairly in the future. " Microsoft's riots and Hon Hai are more like the time it has been, and may be related to pre-payment of humanitarian duties, so not only is the t This law in relation to the future, but also concerning the past.

The Nikkei said that the furnace normally agrees to pay for payment on behalf of telephone users, and the intention is, however, to raise money from subsequent customers when there is a dispute. between the smartphone company and the patent owner, he may be in court. As an anomaly with Qualcomm and Apple (Apple).

The Hong Kong commercial division of Hon Hai and Fu Zhikang is responsible for the OEM production of all Android phones in the group. The parent-company, Hon Hai (Foxconn), is responsible for the iPhone collection. . The Nikkei said Guo Dong was asked yesterday whether the company had paid Microsoft the right after their agreement in 2013. Guo showed the problem and said it was: "Hai Hai didn't pay ( ever) To Microsoft, as Fu Zhikang has it, I can no longer answer this question, because that future will be used as a witness in the court. " (Yu Qianruo / Whole Report

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