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Guo Wengui: It's a Chinese spiral platform; in Hainan Airlines. Wang Jianzhi's death is very upset.

Guo Wengui broke the story inside the death of Hai Jian, the chairman of Hainan Airlines, and the true cause of Hainan Airlines.

Guo Wengui, a non-Chinese businessman, held an international news conference at the Pierre Hotel in New York at 10am on the 20th (20:00 pm after Taiwan), hosted by the former House councilor White Steve Bannon. For the death of Wang Jian, who chaired the Chinese National HNA National Group, he raised many new concerns and broke the news that "HLF" was the "strategic and intelligent" platform of intelligence "of the CCP in the United States . Guo Wengui also stated that he established a base of 100 million US dollars. For those who persecuted the Chinese government.

In a news conference, Guo Wengui confirmed that a watchwoman had 5 people at Wang Jian on July 3rd, and there was one interpreter and three guards as well as Wang Jian, who went to Bonniejo in France at 12:36. Bonnieux), about 10:50, one of the translators referred to the hotel restaurant, saying that Wang Jian fell to his / her; wall.

Guo Wengui raised several doubts in the news conference: a & # 39; including "Translating women to the restaurant owner when they report their case, using Wang Jian" futuristic French "down to the wall; the owner of the restaurant when he went to the place 2 on the left and the other is extinct. The owner of the restaurant who was trained for first aid to help the first aid of Wang Jian, and Find an acupuncture needle on the nearby ground and one of the nurses.
Guo Wengui published the survey image of Wang Jian's event. The photograph shows the female interpreter at the time of the event. (screen from live broadcast platform)

In addition, according to the restaurant owner, at 11:30, Wang Jian was still alive, but Guo Wengui broke the news that Wang Jian was sent to the 2 hour morgue leave at 2pm instead of the other. According to the report, "Medical medicine is not cured," and at least two hospitals have a good equipment nearby. Guo Wengui also questioned when the police arrived at 12:09, there were two inscriptions and translations at the hotel. From 11:30 to 2pm, what happened to the body of Wang Jian? The owner of the restaurant also indicated that "female" translators were "scared" when he was saying, rather than "sorry."

Why is not Wang Jian dead? Guo Wengui said: "He's a lot of experience." Guo Wengui broke the news that China's HNA has a major expansion due to the fact that this is the "platform of information and strategic platform for the CCP's division of information to spy in the United States and even the world. " Tools for information networks and cash vowels.

Guo Wengui told his news conference that the Wang Jian campaign was " including HNA money and national security issues in the United States. The United States should translate and criticize a Chinese Communist Party as a "tumor" of the world and a "threatening" humanity. Guo said he will be based. A billion dollar fund that helps everyone persecuted by the Chinese government. Free Times 1120

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