High City TV Debating Scholarship: Chen Municipality's special bids have been used to create a language out of order law. Americas Daily

Kaohsiung's bigger election held a one-off television debate on the late 19th century. Chen Meihua, professor of Social Affairs Department at Sun Yat-Sen University, believed that the applicant for Chen Qimai Democratic Party had particular ideas on his home case and had a remarkable achievement. Kuomintang, Korea Yu Yu candidate, was debated in the language to be in a position; made up, uncertain about the town, and much of the information was incorrect, even wrong, and there was no good excuse or explanation. It is hard.

Chen Meihua, in terms of the debating style, said Chen Qimai seemed to have been somewhat tough as long as the application was. The origins were not very good, and there was no good policy. However, during the warranty, financial affairs, sales of land, drug control, tourism, and how people and money came in, were well-played.

For example, Chen Qimai has a special response, as a result of promoting domestic investment, an understanding of poisoning, a tourism policy based on his / her. market, and how the business zones will be relevant jobs. They also clarify their ideas at the right time.

Chen Meihua said that Yu Yu's entire style seems to be older, and use the debating language for debate, not knowing about the town. In the second half of the debate, there was even a debate. When the opponent wants questions, he is always busy reading the information. Sometimes it's a & n; hitting a face, affecting his head, his & her; look or look good, and it seems that he is not familiar with the home government.

In addition, South Yu responded to questions when responding to the island's ideas on the Linyuan Fisheries Port, petrochemical business taxes, cultural policy, population growth, and collection and presentation. Especially when it comes to a tourism business, it should be a blue cam score, but it does not only reflect Chinese tourists, but Chen Qimai is not open to the world.

At the same time, he also rejoices the sale of nest nesting products to North Korea. In addition, Korean Yu does not have much information. For example, it is the two largest growing in Taipei City and New Taipei City, not Kaohsiung; 5 million population growth is also a bit wrong, but none of them has an amazing excuse in this debate or Explain, it's poor. Free 1119 free

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