Hikvision is given by parts of the US. The Taian Control stock price is just going to its. daily border钜 亨 网 – Taiwan Stock News

Hikvision, China's mainland security control company, fears that the obstacles will be needed for doing, and # 39; affecting the sales, and the US warfare of China, to be affected by the move, today Jing Rui (3454-TW), Parity (3356-TW) In the morning, he was up and down, and Jing Rui returned to a 100-yuan mark.

According to the London Financial Times (FT) report, the United States attempts to interfere with US makers as Huida from a & # 39; Hikvision sells a fast, fast and fast lead to key components, affecting its ferry and sport.

Under the US-China trade, the United States will build their targets from 10% to 25% next year, which will be more unhealthy for export of land-based factories. Taiwanese factories are expected to welcome business opportunities.

The news, Jingrui, Parity, Shengtai (8072-TW) and so on today and stopped, Jingrui declared a hundred yuan, and equal to 23.75 yuan, and Shengtai came to 22.25 yuan.

In the first 10 months of this year, b & # 39; The Jingrui income was 4.43 billion yuan, down 11.5% annually. The net return after taxes for its & # 39; first three quarters 249 million yuan, down 14.9% annually, and the net profit is 2.96 yuan.

In the first 10 months of the first season, the revenue was 1.43 billion yuan, a year reduction of 6.2%. B & # 39; The net yield after taxes for its first three quarters 0.67 billion yuan, which converted a profit compared to the same time last year.

Jingrui established a new production line in Taoyuan Plant Delta (2308-TW), which was implemented in October. Initially, five lines will be set up. After the new production line has been implemented, it is expected that the production yield will be more than the current current enterprise number, and the benefit trading order Camp sports can heat up.

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