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▲ A woman decided to & # 39; The first night of webpages posted and promoted the website in social media. (Figure / passing through the tweet)

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A woman in Sydney, Australia, stayed until she was 18 years old, and set up a website for sale on her first night. Although the use of criticism from outside, she said she knew what she was; do. "Many people like to give women a bed, women too." Sex enjoyment, "I hope to achieve the 100,000 AUD goal (about $ 2.25 million).The plan will use this money to help parents pay their loans and buy a car.

Australian news.com said that a woman named Siena Payton said she was only 18 years old last year and went to Sydney University of Technology, influencing information technology recently. Recently I used a website that specializes in a "early night" coup and shared information in social media and Reddit. Although it attracted many negative attacks, I still got 2 applications, which had 1000 Australian dollars and 10,000 Australian dollars (entering Taiwan). 25,000 and 220,000 yuan).

Peyton admits that she is 16 years old when she saw anecdotes about many young women who were selling online clothes; first night, let her decide to follow. "For me, it's not a big problem that lost the children's rhyme, although I know that this is for some people. Say, they have to wait until they get married, or they will get the right person . But this money is only used to invest in the future. "This is a great opportunity for me. I want to continue reading. Traveling, more money can be used for business later. "

The first night of the auction came from the Cinderella German controversial website. Payton paid an outset to work with them. However, the application method was very difficult. After that, she sent to a Brazilian daughter who had a similar knowledge on the internet. It may be best to set up a website by myself. It is better to set my rules on my own. Although the website is very good after going online, it has not told parents so far, "They should think that this is difficult. I do not just ask why I do this. "For asking me where the money came," I think I'm lying and saying that I've got work. "

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