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Mobile phones market is not as advanced as it was, but still it's still. expect future event events to be held next year. It is estimated that media-based media recognition technology is based on the screen, and will add more full-screen design. For half a year, it may have been called U19.

Before entering the market into 5G, it is expected that the mobile phone will be next year. The market is 5G mobile phones, screen screenshots, eSIMs, etc., which will be the focus of mobile phone industry. The new high prices with new prices will bring new market confidence.

Large-scale HTC has expanded the VR range in recent years, and its output has grown everywhere. With regard to smartphones, midfielder mobile phones will be launched at the end of this year, as well as mobile phone phones targeting special markets. However, the Phandroid foreign technology website commented on the news that HTC's main tools are still unclear, and there are no U13 modules in the first season.

However, there are reports that HTC continues to prepare for the launch of the banner machine next year, continue with the U-line names. The inside code is called U19, but due to the time it goes down, It can be launched in the third quarter of the next year, not just the iPhone iPhone. The other is the same, and has a 5G mobile phone in HTC planning.

However, the relevant news has not been confirmed by HTC.

Samsung Electronics is expected to be the main Galaxy S10 signal before and after the Global Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) 2019. It is said that the Galaxy S10 series has three new models, each with 5.8吋, 6.1 吋 and 6.4 screens, and including accessible version. There is a machine, side-to-side design, and one of the top modules that supports 5G network.

Among other things that appear in the S10 series, technology has been identified on an on-screen keyboard, which can be hit on the screen, and the lens and the front sensor attached to the screen to make more full screen design, & # 39; possibly with a three-lensed master in the background. A camera, a two-lensed camera, and a 3D scan identification device similar to a Face Face ID.

(Author: Jiang Mingyan; first map Source: HTC)

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