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Taiwan's main bank is today (20th), the third quarter of the balance of the arrangements, the separation of financial accounts net (more financial accounts) of 7.83 billion US dollars, not only did the third-quarter total trading third season, but also from third quarter of 2013 The new low, as long as the current quarterly dollars were $ 14.04 billion, an annual reduction of $ 7.67 billion , a & # 39; falling slightly down from the fourth quarter of 2014.

According to statistics to the middle bank, b & # 39; he has more than a census; Currently, in the third quarter, US $ 14.04 billion, net revenue increased its financial account of US $ 7.83 billion, and b. The remainder of pay is over £ 3.36 billion.

The main bank stated that the remainder of current accounts had been reduced by US $ 7.67 billion or 35.3%, largely due to more trading of $ 16.3 billion and an annual reduction of US $ 7.44 billion.

In addition to the main bank, although exported from a & # 39; Sustainable growth in the global economy, due to the relatively high standard, the increase in raw oil prices, the rise in export demand and the revival in semi-detached equipment investment, Distribution, was an annual export increase of 10.37 billion US dollars, and as a result there were over. Zoom out.

However, the bank gave a weight that the decrease in excess of current accounts was largely due to the rise in export prices such as raw oil. At the moment, Sino-SA's trade war has not been in a position; affecting exports.

Although the financial account has been discharged, it has been & # 39; record the longest exports in history. It has reached 33 quarters and the accumulated amount is near $ 1.2 trillion. An increase of US $ 11.57 billion, coupled with foreign investment in the Taiwanese tenancy, decreases the non-resident installment of installments with $ 3.57 billion.

In the first three quarters of the year, More of China's current accounts of $ 50.06 billion, the net financial accounts amounted to up to US $ 34.47 billion, and property rises ready in the first bank with US $ 10.28 billion.

The middle bank again said that countries with additional current accounts, such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Russia and Taiwan have seen an increase in the # 39; financial assets.

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