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(Newsgroup, New Delhi, 27th) The Indian Technology Institute, Iow Guwahati, was successful in making bone-chip from compound materials such as strontium, zinc and silk silk materials to promote bone regeneration. rabbits. Continue.

• zinc and silk silk will eat silk to make a stent, which can stimulate bone bone regeneration. (schematic / Pixabay)

Researchers at the Guwahati Indian Institute of Technology said that they made better bone tissue from bismuth, zinc ion and a mixture of silk thread than other bone particles and that there is no need for external growth factors to Encourage bone cells. Growing.

This research paper was recently published in the new ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering magazine.

The research team at the Indian Institute of Technology did use Guwahati rabbits to test bone-bone bits made of composite materials such as bismuth, zinc ion and silk in rabbits with abnormal thistle prints. The woman has a large bones of bone-form 73%: if the scaffolding is made of silk thread on its own, the bone produces only 43%.

New bones and old bones also work well together, and there are new blood ports in the new bones.

Biman Mandal, professor of biology and biology at the Guwahati Indian Institute of Technology, told the conduct of the team's research, to the Hindu that, at the end of the three-month installment, the Hindu had been t It is badly polluted, leaving the same bones formed by rabbit bone, and the new bones are healed from initial treatment by the rabbit.

He argued that strontium and zinc pins are filtered out of active shapes or bones and blood vessels, accelerating bone bone and reshaping blood vessels.

Mandal said silk silk scaffolding provides physical bones of a bone-form, while metal bats such as strontium and zinc provide chemical solutions that complement each other. biological which people use for delicate engineering.

After a rabbit test, the crew confirmed that the computer had reinforced the generation of surplus bone and that it was ready for tests with larger animals to establish the effectiveness of the mix.

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