Investment: support from Taiwan stock has gradually taken into account the deep moving of stock of operational topics钜 亨 网 – stock Taiwan magazine

According to stock exchange statistics, Taiwan stock at 9,797.09 points fell on the 16th and 32.92 points per week fell, 0.33% decrease. Franklin Huamei said that after the Taiwan stock market had been substantially reviewed in October and broke up early in November, support from the next phase was gradually. A & #; a market started; Following the subject of a deep revival operation, a revolution strategy and so on.

Franklin Huamei's letter stated that the United States and China opened the negotiations on trade issues, and the G20 meeting saw the release of the two on the message, which allowed the capital market, and mean gradually they got rid of the bad atmosphere. It was considered to correct Taiwan stocks to show the most negative features. It is expected that future people will welcome the sale and sale of stocks, and take account of the technical opportunities of the technical side for many stocks.

Zhou Shuxuan, manager of the Franklin First Fund Rich Huamei, believes the US-China is keep in mind that he was involved in technology, intellectual property and other areas, and is a long-term competition between the two main economies. It is expected that it will continue to affect the global market, but the investments will be significantly renovated for the interests of both countries. The effect and even the result is inside, and trade agreements do not have a & # 39; come into the banned, but if further development is done, the effect of expanding the extent, the disaster on its capital market will also increase.

According to Zhou Shuxuan, the helpful charter now generates around 9,800 points. It's a & n; Against pressures and reduces inequality reducing. It is helpful to confirm its market. The recent stock market focuses on US stocks to cut the financial test, and continue to correct individual stock prices. In particular, Apple's new machine sound has made Taiwan's supply chain weaker.

However, monitoring the performance of the stack strands, there are still technical benefits and business opportunities. In a & # 39; a vibrant business, the future will benefit from large mobility on mobile phones. According to estimates with Chinese creators, in 2019, China's mobile phone makers find 65 million new three-dimensional devices, with an annual growth rate of more than five times. The demand for Chinese business is one of the key cuisine energy costs.

In addition, the dimension of the split is based on the largest technology and its largest international companies; key users. Even though the short term opposes the economic change, it will return to the growth route, and it is expected that the Taiwan stock will move gradually to move.

Zhou Shuxuan believes that his / her market industry Turn to the future in the fourth quarter, and it is expected that a & # 39; stock market is confirmed. A 5G business will be phased out. According to the telecom makers, the 5G captain will be in the fourth quarter of a year. In the first half of the next year, a mobile phone industry will benefit from 5G technology, and it is expected that rapid growth to a new level of growth in the mobile phone industry.

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