IPhone XR single-person lion image featuring social social platform display shows

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iPhone XR Like Apple HK's single-lens single phone phone; Supporting the style of photography, the most spectacular thing for ever-to-date customers is always a vibrant impact. The iPhone-XR images on Apple's social platform show that the quality of single-lens is less than the dosage.

IPhone XR is the iPhone XS iPhone access level this year. The single-lensed design is used behind the iPhone. However, the same lens is the same as the main lens of the XS series, and the quality of the & # 39; camera is sure. Indeed, the two lenses of the iPhone, as well as the zoom are largely used to work out the depths of the bokeh depth of their field, XR is a & n; Using the big information that collected "in advance" to generate a & # 39; AI design, and its impact is as good as that.

Although the iPhone XR uses single-lensed design, the hunting data created by its & # 39; Previously, the bokeh effect of its design mode can be achieved by AI. (Apple)

Although bokeh of the iPhone XR can only be used for pictures, it can be seen from the bottom of the image below, and the bokeh work clearly divide the picture from the backdrop, a & # 39; make the picture as DSLR.

I believe it's a job; in a long time hunting with iPhone XR and VSCO software. The night scenes are very natural.

The Smart HDR feature is more likely to make landscape.

A lightweight light and backlit environment for self-reflective mirror, an iPhone XR focus is correct, a common habit is not similar to other mobile phones, has a more natural coating effect.

The strong difference between light and dark, the iPhone XR is true.

In a complex and complex environment, the iPhone XR makes a real redesign of light and dark differences.

This photograph is not killed in the design mode (XR design mode does not support other items on pictures), but the natural impact of an iPhone XR booster is made. From pictures, the quality of the lens is unique.

All details are re-displayed correctly in the high light environment.

In the series of images that the iPhone XR built in a low light, the image is clear and the color is correctly implemented. It is difficult to see the quality of the mobile phone.

Featuring the natural beauty of an iPhone XR, Smart HDR is repeated to & # 39; make the color more rational and reconstructive.

A series of statues designed by the previous lens, it is difficult to see that the iPhone XR is a single-lens lower than a dual XS series.

Indeed, iPhone XR has a special distance from the XS series in relation to the quality of the screen and speed of connection. However, for those interested in buying XR, at least do not worry about XR sacrifice in the quality of hunting.

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