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Not only does the singer Yuan Yulin have a clear voice, but she also looks beautiful. In 2009, King Jay Chou was praised her daughter in 2009. She was singing "Shusha" and she visited her to allow Yuan Xiaolin to hear everyone quickly, but Star Star did not change your settings at any time. Continue to adjust your settings Find out more BBC Accessibility Help Accessibility Help Sign In to BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Arts More More Search the BBC Explore the BBC More News Sport Weather TV Radio At one time, the mother who was far from the United States said she could not get her first time to go out. After that, she was responsible for the power of religion to gradually get out of the tide.

When Yuan Xiaolin was reported, he was widely recognized for singing by Zhou Dong. She did not expect the poor singer's road. She had once been a solution to the music world for three years. According to Apple, it was written by Jay Chou and was also opened by Uranus. On a concert, I did not; expecting this to be a major obstacle to his trip. She said she was not only a victim of bullying on the internet, but she often lost her six-year tour with Jay Chou. He is not desirable to sing by Jay Chou, but also to her; laughing at her little eyes, her mouth "black and ugly as a friend", "singing as an ugly dog", even the previous year, Jay Chou and Amei sang "No". The girl is only working with Jay Chou, she's not tough!

That bullying is very popular with Yuan Yulin, and he did not. She could write a good job, which put the death of the artistic road for three years. She lost herself and went to the stage to lose the soul. When she went home, she stayed at home, often often without two weeks. I'm going out, and I'm going to; going to the church psychologist attack every week. Although I did not play a movie, I tried drama and mix, and I also had a mixed male star. Along with this, even though her five-year friendship still has a & # 39; make a new year, he still helps Yuan Yulin out of her & # 39; jetty. At the beginning of this year, the EP "just right now" was released.

When he was talking about feelings, Yuan Yulen had a relationship with Ji Yawen at the low tide. In the last five years, it was divided and integrated. At the end, because the person wants to fight for a job and that the woman wants marriage, the idea is different and so it's broken up safely. She also said that there are many fans now, mostly outdoors, but she is not in a hurry to fall in love. Yuan Yulin named her as uncertain about her feelings, she may have been born by a single parent family and in the United States. In childhood, she grew up in Texas. When she was a child, she looked at her parents to fighting in Canada. She was not happy to stay at home. When she went to school, she was a scholar. She sat with her and let her eat in the toilet. Fortunately, she spent this miserable child under the support of the Church of China.

Because of her parents' relationship, Yuan Yulin surprised her if she was a parent. She could not have a happy marriage. At the same time, his & her; She also thinks she would not be very careful about her feelings. The child realized she was not young, she thought about frozen eggs, but I heard that the process is very painful and hard, so I will not do it for a while. I expect to take a year for myself. If I still have a good person thereafter, I'll put it first To make the eggs frost, I hope to keep the eggs status when the right ages.

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