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The Lantan Print Factory is responsible for the 9-in-1 football printing
▲ The Lantan Print Factory that is responsible for the publication of a 9-in-1 ballot in Chiayi County. (Figure / reporter, Zhong Sheng, statue, 2018.11.20)

A nine-year election campaign of 2018 went into the census, but it was stated that the Lantan Print Factory, which was published for the County of Chiayi Election, was out of trouble! The votes at each stage of the 330 water towns were built with the election officers. The campaign's headquarters were the parties dissatisfied with this case and asked the Chiayi County Election Committee to review the reasons and responsibilities.

The Houxing election staff (currently a current home officer) was close to his / her; chance to include 19 local masters votes, 14 balls, 301 main water ballot votes, 334 votes to complete the printing office, but fortunately with Wei 's staff in time It was found to be banned and the Wei and the police sent a letter to the Chiayi Land Survey Office.

Weng Zhangliang, Democrat's Democratic Party's Democrat's candidate, added that the recent staff were changing in the government of the county, and that there are no chiefs at the staff. This caused abuse in this election, and the county's government and inspection and change must be carefully examined and clearly explained to residents of the area.

Wu Fangming, a non-party schoolmaster's candidate on 2nd, appealed to the election staff to work hard and to maintain administrative incapacity. They should not affect the result of the election and try to influence the result of the poll. In order to prove that this is not the best of the human industry, the business unit should make it clear as quickly as possible, while at the same time investigating polling and polling jobs, and selecting fair, fair and open to residents of the area.

On August 4th, Kuomintang's casemaster, Wu Yuren, led the campaign team directly to the Chiayi County Tagging Committee to question the mistake of the election? I started preparing for the ticket? Did not Obu again appear? Election control? Do you want to change the results of the election?

Chen Derong, who was a candidate for Kuomintang water chief, said strongly that the patients would check the authorities in detail. Is there any pressure behind the scenes and the pre-prescribed votes? It also provides the people with a clear electoral environment.

▲ Chiayi County Election Committee. (Photo / Reporter Bell sound photo, photo photo)

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