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In the drama "Gui Gui Niang" Jinghua Yanyun, the ambassador Li Lifeng, who won the Golden Bell Award, was lost on the afternoon of November 21 and enjoyed the age of 67. She decided to give her life to her funeral and to give her all the luck to return to the dust. Chen Shuli, Li Lifeng volunteer, and a Dong & Foundation volunteer, said Li Lifeng pancreat cancer in this summer. She learned that she was only 4 to 6 months of life. She chose to be optimistic. "She does not want us friends. Imagine her as a patient, a party is happy with us to sing, and finally play, play Karaoke by leaving us the best memories and memories."

Li Lifeng and Chen Shuli are the first stage of the Huashi actress training class. As a result of their appearance, they appear to be full of text; gone. So, they often take a lot of drama from the youngest, especially if they need to be crucial or everyone in the drama Qiong Yao. He's a long job, Li Lifeng is the best choice.

In the real life, Li Lifeng has a bad image. She was once a retailer for her father who was in charge of cancer. D & # 39; she left her father over 10 years ago. Li Lifeng identifies the third stage of breast cancer. She spent her & her; the chemotherapy process and thought she had control the disease. In the meantime, I started to return. My work was in Xiamen to take part in the filming of "Teng Lijun's Folklore" this spring. She had made Zhang Chenguang's mother and Rundong's grandmother, but she was told she had gone down the situation during her time; filming process and then gave time to keep track of it. Amazingly, the final stage of pancreatic cancer was found.

Superstar Li Lifeng (first of the right) won the Bell Golden Prize in the corner "Jinghua Yanyun" "Gui Yu Niang". (Source: Accepted from YouTube screen)

Zeng Zhuan Medical Doctor may have "easy constitution of cancer": Be careful with other cancer

Li Lifeng has been in cancer for many years. Even though she was successful in cancer prevention, she did not. she can rid of other cancer attack. At the end, she still lost her death.

In fact, cancer is likely to have a cancer effect. Dr. Ji Yuhua, director of the Neoplasm Hospital Cancer Department of therapy, can be remembered if you have a cancer, maybe it represents a person with diabetes that is cancerous, which may be related to a gene, if poor practice, living environment pollution, history of disease, With the history of a medication, the history of radical medicine, and the history of cancer family, there is more chance of suffering from other cancers in the future.

Ji Yuhua said that the cause of cancer is not yet clear, but it is generally believed to be related to the environment and personal habits. For example, people with smoking habits, apart from common cancer of lungs, including intestinal cancer, oral cancer, and blood cancer. Pancreatic cancer, such as gastric cancer and Li Lifeng, can be related to smoking, and is likely to be a chain response.

There is also a situation where carcinogens can easily tackle the corpse of some people. Although it is impossible to clearly explain what is wrong, it should be noted that when you have a cancer, you may have easy access to your cancer cancer. There is no other (cancer), or it can be a high body, "and it can be said that after the first cancer has gone for five years, the biggest risk for long- time.

Quaternary doctors also reminded that smoking is the worst, not only cancer, and most important place; weakening the effects of treatment, even if the successful cure, if you do not eliminate smoking habits, is easy to go down, and the chance to get other cancer is higher. The cancer of cancer is not balanced with cancer, anything! "

Smoking is easy to cause cancer and weaken the treatment effect. Even though the cure is successful, it's easy to go down and even and cancer. (Well: Health Magazine)

Cutting Curtains Chen Shuli is a Memories of Friends: Li Lifeng chooses a tree burial, and does not want to worry anyone

Chen Shuli said, "The last time our friends and Li Lifeng met in September. At that time, everyone was going to play a karaoke. She looked good on that day . She was very happy to ask me to sing and laugh at everyone, but when she caught her, she knew she was so thin and she had only bones. She put her tears, but we were so sorry that we should swallow our tears. "

Chen Shuli thinks his friend's vision of life and says, "Li Lifeng is not afraid of his death. Even though she knows she has reached her life, she does not She is not willing to give trouble to others. If she is uncomfortable, she will stay with us and let us give us the most beautiful figure. " Open to & # 39; Ask a variety of ways to deal with the situation behind him, enthusiastically confident and talk to friends, and finally chose to be buried, the beginning of the product.

"Health" suggests that cancer can cause cancer, cardiovascular disease and emphysema.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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The gold medal of Qiong Yao died in support of Li Lifeng. Heshou 67 years old

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