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The singer Huang Lixing and his lover Xu Jinglei have been in love for 9 years. Almost those who have low feelings are almost not open. However, Xu Jinglei wrote the hope of the Year; New in the text of PO Weibo on the 4th. He really found someone responded "Happy Happy Year". It is said that the two have been protected for marriage.

Xu Jinglei full-video text. (Picture / Xu Jinglei Weibo)

On the 4th, Xu Jinglei wrote a request for her Year & Soil on Weibo. The content says: "At the beginning of this year, I lost both the fear of identifying the identity and the problem after I was identified, and I was with Unhealthy member. "Well, Happy New Year", I did not expect someone in the message messaging department to answer: "Year & # 39; New, I wish the new ones are happy ", the words" Happy New Year "took a look straightforward, and the news was that both married couples, Xu Jinglei and Huang Lixing are not still have to answer this.

Although they have been in love for 9 years, they will not appear publicly but by the end of 2018, Xu Jinglei sent a message to Huang Lixing to sweet, "I'm always sick, healing you always. " At that time, it was rare that there was also a high quality message, which was explained as a good thing. It was also said that both married the good news, and also allowed messengers to bless a message.

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