Micro-blogging Cecilia Cheung and a statue. "More and more like that" network was surprised – Zhongshi News

The third child "Little Prince" was born Cecilia Cheung in November last year. As his father does not know, he is said to be a debate outside his home. Sun and the two sons of Nicholas Tse, and congratulations on the fans of the Year & New.

The two sons of Cecilia Cheung are very different in personality. (Picture / Cecilia IG)

Cecilia Cheung and his two sons climbed to the hill on Weibo and asked the brothers to go to it; New Year marked by their fans. The eldest son, Lucas, had been at risk of resisting her; camera, but he introduced everyone and said: "Happy New Year," On the other hand, the second son of Quintus is very tough and lively. It disappeared directly to its & # 39; camera and heavily shouted to the Year & # 39; New. Currently, Cecilia Cheung bought and smiled.

However, after the movie was open, the webmasters only praised the two sons of Cecilia Cheung, but found out that Quintus grew bigger as Nicholas Tse. They said: "The second son is more like his father, Nicholas Tse," and "the whole family is not easy." South Westerly

(Times Times Newsletter)

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