NBA "Jeremy Lin played only 13 minutes, the Hawks were brought back and 8 dropped out of each other – Zhongshi News

Fourth quarter before the start of the game, the eagles, which were also led by 7 points, did not expect the opponent to be able to; played 38 to 23 in a row. In the end, suffering 119 to 127 turned on his & # 39; astray and suffered a streak that lost 8 games. The Chinese star, Jeremy Lin, has just played 13 minutes in the game, and there is no room for play. He clarified 7 points and 1 helped in 3 of 6 shots.

The Hawks played a good 43-minute game, so that the 4 minutes and the last 43 seconds moved to the pace of 2, but unfortunately the problem was protected, the ship dropped a wave of 13 to 2 attacks , and on & # 39; Eventually, lost casualties.

The Hawks played 38 games in the game, which allowed them to stand on the 47-pound line free of charge and 37 points were easily accessed. The roadboat is 20 points larger than the home team. It can be said that the results are </ a>; affecting the other party in confidence.

Jeremy Lin is not yet coming to Pierce's head, playing just over Jay Adams, but his hunting rate is not worse than the starters, but unfortunately, the rank of the soldier is not re-used.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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