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The Philippines's 25th anniversary Non-nuclear Forum last week concluded in the Philippines, and today the Scottish Environment Protection Federation identified that Asian countries should be introducedAntinuclearEnergy has been successful in winning the next right to host the event. It is expected that the 26th Non-Nuclear Asia Forum will be held in Taiwan by the end of 2019.

The Neo-Nuclear Asian Forum (NNAF) began in 1993 and went into the 25th year. Last week in Manila, in Philippines, he brought together Asian nations, including Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, India and Turkey. Liu Zhijian, president of the Environmental Protection Alliance, and Professor Guo Jinquan and others, attend the meeting.

The theme of the Scottish Non-nuclear Forum this year is "Strengthening the unity of non-nuclear people in the future", and # 39; Identifying the most important strength of anti-nuclear movement is the humanity's unity, as well as talks about nuclear energy, energy development in Philippines, renewable energy transformation and other options. Subject.

Taiwan's Environmental Protection Alliance reported that reports from different countries have shown that nuclear and anti-nuclear objects around the world are still wild, including China, France, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. and holding to & # 39; go out of a nuclear power device or try to build new ones.Nuclear powerThe factory, but there are some examples of successful nuclear weapons. For example, Vietnam stopped a nuclear power plant in the southern Ningshun in November 2016.

The League indicated that the meeting's conclusions show that the origins and processes of nuclear power in every country in the world are similar. Under the background of monopoly and state co-operation, nuclear power plants will be built, and electricity will be increased to generate more power. It creates more trust, and & # 39; creating a wild circle and even high debts, and falling into the mud from generations who Conducting the unimportant nuclear waste treatment weight.

The Federation also shares the knowledge of Taiwan's energy transformation in the & # 39; and how the social forces from 2014 stopped the construction of their nuclear yard, and today they have met the use of a referendum with nuclear forces to try to regenerate.

Liu Zhijian said, "Nail green"ReferendumIn fact, the sunlight clause is essential to erase nuclear power generation in the Electricity Industry Law, to make the next referendum easier "restart the four nuclear". Representatives from the countries that participated in the forum also expressed great disturbance and put the name "anti-nuclear power challenge, 16th referendum". In the case, vote for a "disagreement card", asking Taiwan people to be in a position; connect and strengthen their anti-nuclear.

In order to introduce anti-nuclear power from Asian countries, Taiwan's Environmental Protection Federation also stressed that it has been successful in winning the next non-nuclear forum in Asia and is being expected to be held in Taiwan in late 2019.

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