Netchlix appeared in the death cross. Then Nasdaq changed

Netflix (NFLX-US) has been falling for a while, enough to turn it to; The first company's "death cross" was made in three years and third FAANG with a cross of death.

The death cross is known as the 50-day MA 200-day rubbish day, technical researchers believe that this is the link between the stock from short-term correction to the long-term decline.

Netflix fell 5.5% per week to its lowest closing price from 14 February, compared to the high level of $ 418.97 on July 9th, the decline is currently reached 35.4, already in bear.

With a wave of sale, MA 50 days from Netflix dropped from $ 337.173 to Friday, to $ 335,617, and MA 200 days increased from $ 336.167 to $ 336.249.

Last time Netflix was 50 days MA less than 200 days MA was on 7 October, 2016, and the last time that happened to a death cross on February 23, 2016. The stock is only four months -mach after his death cross, to June 27, 2016.

Among other fangs, there was a Facebook death (FB-US) death cross on September 20, and the Alphabet (GOOGL-US) parent company had a death cross on Amazon, Amazon (AMZN-US) and Apple ( AAPL). -US) This technology can be created in a few weeks.

However, it may be the Nasdaq (Canine) Component Cluster that technology ties to; The first death cross from January 2016, but the index is still a part of its members' market, and the Monday will be closed on 29 August. The 8107.69 is high 13.3% lower than the maritime market definition.

The 50th Monday of Nasdaq fell from 7618.871 on Friday to 7600.957, and the 200 MA rose from 7515.196 to 7515.501. Based on MA's mode of change this month, the index is more likely to be & # 39; creating a ban on seven other trading days, November 29.

The S & P 500 and Dow index are only a few weeks away from the death cross.

In addition, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet closed in the Monday morning market. The alphabet broke into the shinty market for the first time in seven years on Monday, but then it was withdrawn and the price dropped sharply. 19.9%.

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