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▲ Die Wei, the only son of Sun Peng, Sun Anzuo (middle) was involved in terrorism, and the bankruptcy was released. (Figure / photo booklet, 2018.10.03)

Sun Anzuo's decision to return to Taiwan after giving up the jail for the fastest 6 weeks

Sun Peng and Di Di Sun Anzu's son, arrested their unlawful loyalty in the United States this March this year and was held for more than 240 days . A case opened at 11:00 pm at Taipei at 11:00 pm in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Federal District Court. In 1980, Sun Anzuo started a & # 39; serving was convicted on 5 June. The court declared that it was released after the sentence was released, but still needed to be re-protected at the keeper. It is expected to be taken out of the country after the fastest six weeks. In the future, if it is not licensed, the United States will not be able to submit it for its life.

South Korea, South Korea, said that a wheel of love is being taken. The pupils face the face: they are sure they are. meet the Gold Light Party

In the last few weeks on the 9th of September, Kaohsiung high-level candidates presented a blue and green TV debate, Yu Korea and Chen Qimai, a debate on the late 19th century. In the second phase of "cross-quiz", South Cossack defeated Chen's camp for "Love Ferris Wheel" recreation. He said that the Dean at the University of Central Plains University Design School had praised his genotype and believed that love could be a heel of love business. But when the debate came to an end, Chen Qichen, the University of Central Plains University Design School, died on Facebook never seen Yu Korean. Coming soon.

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▲ total face Chen Qichen. (Fig / out of the front book, 2018.11.19)

Interview NOWnews with Su Shichang Live (Essential Edition)

The New North election campaign was a tough white level, and today's NOWnews news stories helped on the late 19th century the candidates of the interview. This tour, the Cheomintang candidate of New North Mayor Su Shichang is based at Banqiao election headquarters, and, express its ideas on future economic development, tourism industry and low paid Xinbei issues. At the same time, I took up the questions from the newspaper and I got live interactive from web users to listen to what he said.

Two-party debate! Chen Qimai "Old and Poor" Bangs South Korea Yu: Where did the money go?

2018 One debate will only be held for the Kaohsiung Mòr candidate in the late 19th century. Chen Qimai and Korea Korea Yu play a two-hour ball game. In the first stage, when both sides demanded for 12 minutes, Chen Qimai declared against Wu Dunyi of "said the sow" and Kaohsiung was old and poor. Yu Korean said "that people who help the election should not" give bad words "and" "include the data. It is disappointing that all Kaohsiung displays are positive. It is essential that Chen Qimai "face these problems."

Start for 2 minutes! Korean Yu debates into "oral brother" Chen Qimai have been described in detail

His first team of Shuangxiong was recorded on the late 19th century. Democratic Progressive candidate Chen Qimai and Kuomintang Yu Korea candidate set out a wild campaign and received a lot of attention from the outside world. However, during the process, Korea Korea Yu spent the time, and did not; long until the last one left for more than 2 minutes. Chen Qimai could not stand. He said, "I think Guoyu chairman is a bit of something, and you have to ask questions. Use it to answer your questions; when you're going to answer questions, you & # 39; ask questions. "

The former South African Police / Asia team officially started its first Antarctic Long March office

The "Advance Antarctic Long March", designed by the Orange Care Foundation, came into the town of Silein Punta Arenas 100 hours later. These included the March Ship team, the founder, Liu Baiyuan, and the well-known actor Chen Yanbo, the great lecturer of Lin Yuxi, Wu Shengru, and the artist. Yu Sheng, director of Yang Lizhou and his team, has decided to bring a small plane board to the Union Exile and officially blocked the Antarctic landscape mainland. It is also because there is a great risk of flying to Antarctic ice-cream, depending on the weather and wind speed of the day, so everyone needs to go to the # 39 ; airports to keep track of after the weather has been good. Tick ​​a "probationary time" at any time at the airport strike by clicking on " waiting for the departure warning, on the 19th, at 5pm on Taiwan trip, the Antarctic Long March three-day team at the last airport on the plane "went to & # 39; South Pole! "

▲ Antarctic Long March team left Chile. (Dealbh / Foundation Care Orange)

24 hours to find out what results

Thai government provides a free fee for 21 countries, and including Taiwan. However, on the first day of the road, people are airport full, and passengers run up to 6 hours. In order to reduce the waiting time online, from now on, passengers who come to five major international airports, such as Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport, can apply for online signage ( EVOA) online before leaving, and they can know whether they will be included within 24 hours. THB 525 has an additional service charge.

Picture screen 2018-11-19 evening 4.07.06 "width =" 1810 "height =" 1210 "class =" size-full wp-image-3077001 "srcset =" /uploads/2018/11/1542617280-8f12248730f589e8dccab2595cf6c5d5.png 1810w, 300w, https: //www.nownews .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542617280-8f12248730f589e8dccab2595cf6c5d5-768x513.png 768w, 1024w , 696w, 1542617280-8f12248730f589e8dccab2595cf6c5d5-1392x931.png 1392w, 1068w, Suspaint / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542617280-8f12248 730f589e8dccab2595cf6c5d5-628x42 0.png 628w, 1257w "sizes =" (max-width: 1810px) 100vw, 1810px
▲ Passengers traveling to Thailand within 1 month can apply to a designated official website. (Figure / from the official website)

Today's / north-east climate affecting the northeast of the northeast is colder

This day (20) continues to affect its & # 39; up to the northwest. There is a slight rainfall in the north, eastern and mid and south, and snow weather in other areas. In terms of temperature, the water is north of Taoyuan and Yilan throughout the day, and the temperature is only 22 to 24 degrees, bamboo shoes and east flour are about 25, 26 degrees high, and the temperature is high in central and southern still reach 29, 30 degrees; the weather in the morning is colder in the morning, the temperature is in the north and north-east; mid to 19 to 21 degrees, and the south and east are about 22 degrees. Step.

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