Nvidia's fourth fourth shareholder, Softbank, proves that Nvidia is fully maintained.钜 亨 网 – stock of the USA

Wednesday (6th) Japan SoftBank today confirmed that the Softbank vision asset has been removed from the AI ​​USA SA Nvidia (NVDA-US) stock, but is preserved by Alibaba (BABA-US ).

Japan Softbank said in May 2017 that it did not receive a 4.9% share in Huida and b. It is the fourth largest shareholder of Huida. However, due to the poor performance of Q3 Huida's report, Q3 said Huida also found that it is not hopeful about Q4. A long-term market has been known that Softbank operators have been able to; Thinking of sending out all Fidelity attacks, and Softbank reinforced on Wednesday (6) that he had to clear his shot and be solved in 398 billion yen.

Last August (28th), Huida reinforced the poor performance of Q4.Last Monday (28th) Huida identified the reduction of the Q4 financial strategy, in particular due to the fact that macroeconomic causes were down, in particular the The weak demand for Chinese game teams and sales is lower than data expectancy. Chief Executive Huida Renxun Last Monday (28th) In a statement, "We think Q4 is an unusual, uncommon moving and disappointing season."

Huida had expected to have a Q4 revenue to be $ 2.7 billion but, It was just $ 500 million, down to $ 2.2 billion, which was well below $ 3.4 billion expected to refinitiv the union; The financial declaration was published by selling its & market and sales. The company's department built 13.82% to & # 39; closing at $ 138.01 per department.

Nvidia stock daily register (last year's record)
Daily record Nvidia (sold in last year)
Nvidia's depressing financial statement:

In the financial test statement, Huida names that the macroeconomic situation (especially China) has continued to weaken the demand for Huida's graphics cards, and it is not expected that high tech graphics cards Expected Turing.

In final analysis, Huida recognizes that the high price price of the product and the support of a few games is one of the reasons why it is to be done. decline in wheel application.

The statement states: "These teams have turned back and innovated through current disease discovery and false information (AI). But some consumers can buy a delay because they wait for lower price points and RTX An additional display of technology in real games. "

Huida also said the fact that the database center's business income was lower than expected, largely due to increased consumer growth and output. waiting and seeing, and because many businesses that were expected to achieve were not fulfilled; last month.

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