Opinions on the book: Take the mainland as an enemy, Tsai Ing-wen also wants Cai Xihui? – Wind Speed

Opinions on the book: Take the mainland as an enemy, Tsai Ing-wen also wants Cai Xihui? Wind media

In an interview with AFP, President Tsai Ing-wen said China's mainland is "a threat of global democracy" and asks other countries around Taiwan to stand with Taiwan. "We need to work together to determine the value of democracy and freedom. Not only can this be used to clamp China, but also reduce the impact of external hegemony expansion." But , in the same interview, she also said that both sides should sit down and talk, hoping to start with communication with mainland leader Xi Jinping without a political recommendation. In the meantime, he asked the world to rise to "restrict" China. Later on, he called on China's mainland to sit down and talk to himself. Today is not a self-regulator in the world. Because he has been hostile to the mainland, why should China's mainland sit and talk to himself, and his / her; accepting the "political recommendation" that the DPP is proposing? Indeed, a "political proposal" which is presented with the DPP itself as a "political authority". In recent years, the political proposal between the two sides of the channel is effective and in accordance with the individual constitutional provisions on both sides directly as a "1992 Agreement" that is not the DPP wants to admit. The DPP does not accept the "92 Covenant," which is itself a political decision. Is Taiwan's power under the control of the DPP government enough to allow the mainland to sit down and talk about it? Taiwan's talent has been growing. Not d & # 39; did the DPP receive it? The DPP government says China's mainland is "a threat to global democracy," but it does not see China's quality of life better. The DPP government can not be able to; opposing constitution and # 39; breaking the law, and the imperialists participating in political parties and their political parties. participate in civil organizations. Without higher education, the DPP government is just the largest democracy for democracy! In addition, the United States has recently withdrawn the UN Human Rights Council because of its own interests with Israel. The DPP will not send any word to it. In terms of interests and strength, the United States or democracy, and …

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